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Get Licensed offers Personal Licence courses also known as APLH training in over 30 training locationsthroughout the UK. You have the option to choose from classroom based training, or convenient e-learning, which allows you to study at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home.

For those looking at pursuing a career within the hospitality and bar industry, the first step is to undertake an accredited Personal Licence course and receive a Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders. This course will provide you with the relevant training and accreditation required to legally sell or authorise the sale of alcohol at any licensed premises within England and Wales.

The Personal License course, which is better known, as APLH, is a statutory requirement which has been implemented through the Licensing Act 2003, to ensure that people involved in the sale of alcohol do so responsibly and to maintain standards that minimise alcohol abuse. By completing the educational requirements to be awarded the Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders hospitality workers, bar staff, and event managers will have attained the necessary skills and qualifications to operate legally whilst also maintaining a safe environment for their customers, employees and co-workers.

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Upcoming APLH - Personal License Courses

Course Location Date Online Price On the Day Price Book Now
APLH - Personal License London-Central £ 85 £120
APLH - Personal License London-East Ham £ 85 £120
APLH - Personal License Manchester £ 85 £120
APLH - Personal License Birmingham £ 85 £120
APLH - Personal License Portsmouth £ 72 £120
APLH - Personal License Bristol £ 84 £120
APLH - Personal License Leeds £ 84 £120
APLH - Personal License Brighton £ 84 £120
APLH - Personal License Sheffield £ 84 £120
APLH - Personal License Newcastle Upon Tyne £ 84 £120
APLH - Personal License Chelmsford £ 84 £120
APLH - Personal License Liverpool £ 84 £120
APLH - Personal License Nottingham £ 72 £120
APLH - Personal License London-Mile End £ 85 £120
APLH - Personal License London-Central Waterloo £ 85 £120
APLH - Personal License Reading £ 84 £120
APLH - Personal License London-Euston £ 85 £120
APLH - Personal License London-Warren Street £ 85 £120
APLH - Personal License London-Goodge Street/Russell Square £ 85 £120

About the course

One of the key competencies which the Personal Licence Course (APLH) provides to people who complete the course is the ability to understand and implement the requirements of the Licensing Act within the workplace. The course is also designed to increase the students' knowledge about the effects of alcohol and how alcohol affects different people in various ways. This training provides bar staff with the opportunity to ensure that patrons are able to enjoy themselves without the risks that excessive alcohol consumption can bring about. The inclusion of the training requirements within the Licensing Act identify that the government are serious about reducing the health consequences of alcohol consumption and provide an avenue for bar staff to gain industry recognised training that will increase the overall professionalism within the industry.

As part of its commitment to providing accredited and professional training services exceeding industry standards Get Licensed has recently announced the implementation of its training program for hospitality industry employees to gain their Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders. As part of the commitment of Get Licensed to provide tailored and high calibre training packages students undertaking their Personal Licence course through Get Licensed can expect to be taught by industry leaders.

The training provided by Get Licensed will ensure that students not only gain the necessary training to meet the needs of the Licensing Act, but they will also have the distinct advantage of personalised training which will allow them implement what they have been taught in the workplace. The Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders is the basic requirement for selling alcohol within a retail environment.

The sale of alcohol without the approved authorisation carries a maximum penalty on conviction of a £20,000 fine and / or 6 months imprisonment.

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APLH - Personal Licence Course Content

There are no formal qualification requirements for this course. The programme is designed for anyone authorising the retail sale of alcohol in licensed premises including pubs and bars; hotels and restaurants; off-licences, supermarkets and convenience stores; sports and social clubs nightclubs and entertainment establishments; and any other venue or site where alcohol is sold.

You can rest assured that the APLH Personal Licence training covers everything you need to know to pass the qualification's examination and apply for your personal licence. What's more, it's been developed and rigorously piloted with experts from the industry to make sure it truly meets the needs of those who want to succeed.

The APLH Personal Licence covers the syllabus set by government to enable candidates to understand the law in relation to:

  • The roles, responsibilities and functions of licensing authorities within the framework of the licensing objectives.
  • The application process for a personal licence.
  • The role and legal responsibilities of the personal licence holder, and the penalties relating to failure to comply with the law.
  • The premises licence.
  • The content and purpose of operating schedules.
  • The role and duties of the designated premises supervisor.
  • Unauthorised and temporary licensable activities.
  • Rights of entry to licensed premises.
  • Police powers with regard to suspension and closure of licensed premises.
  • The specific prohibitions for the sale of alcohol.
  • The strengths of alcoholic drinks, and the effects of alcohol on the human body.
  • The protection of children from harm.
  • The responsible retail sale of alcohol.

Personal Licence Training Venues

We offer APLH Training on a monthly basis in London, Birmingham, Leeds, and Manchester and many more locations. Click here to see our full list of Personal Licence courses available.

Rather Do Your Personal Licence Course Online?

If you are struggling to find the time to complete your Personal Licence course for you may find our distance learning option useful, as you can choose to complete the e-learning materials at your own pace and in your own environment. Once you have completed the course online, you will be able to book your exam at any one of our many training centres nationwide.

APLH Personal License Training Ratings & Reviews

RossskehanJanuary 06,2013

one star one star one star one star one star

Booked my training; then original date was rescheduled but was informed beforehand. Disappointed but after training, it was worth the wait. I passed my exams first time. The customer service was very good, I got phone calls, text messages and email with all the course info before the day. Very helpful.

SilenceofOctober 25,2012

one star one star one star one star one star

I really enjoyed the course with Tom in Chelmsford. I got an email confirming I have passed this morning so very joyful. I have a job ready for me in Basildon once I get my licence so I am glad everything went well. Thanks to the staff at get licensed and once again many thanks to Tom.

Je5ter007pwAugust 02,2012

one star one star one star one star

To further my previous comments, it would appear I was not given all the facts in my initial phone conversation.
I have just had a very pleasent phonecall from Get Licenced and have had the full situation explained.
They have not been suspended or had thier accreditaion removed, basically due to the awarding body dragging thier heels due to 1 complaint recieved it was Get Licenced who decieded that: as they didn't know when the awarding body were going to release the details, to instead re examine people at cost to them in order to speed up the process of them getting thier results.
The impression I got during the phone call is that they really are doing things as fast as they can however they have been caught ""unaware"" and had lessons to learn.
Overall in the end I feel myself and the others on this forum have been caught at the worst possible time but that this is NOT the usual level of service.
I should also mention that it was the Director who called me to explain the situation, so I would say that counts as taking this whole situation very seriously, it takes some backbone to face the mob and admit mistakes were made.... but then I guess thats kind of what I'm doing as I had jumped the gun based on one ill informed phonecall

XtoJune 22,2012

one star one star one star one star one star


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APLH Personal License Training Centres

  • Suite No: 111-116, Sheldon Chambers, 2235/2243 Coventry Road, Sheldon, Birmingham. B26 3NW.
  • The Old Ship Hotel, 31 to 38 Kings Road, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 1NR
  • Arnos Manor Hotel, Bath Road, Arnos Vale, Avon, BS4 3HQ
  • Anglia Ruskin University, Bishop Hall Ln, Chelmsford, CM1 1SQ
  • Self Paced - Home Learning
  • Malmarc House, 116 Dewsbury Road, Leeds, LS11 6XD
  • Britannia Adelphi Hotel, Ranelagh Place, Liverpool, L3 5UL
  • Mary Ward House, 5-7 Tavistock Place, London WC1H 9SN, United Kingdom
  • Elizabeth House, 9 Tower Building, 5th Floor, SE1 7NQ
  • 223 Marsh Wall, Snowdon House, Second Floor, London, E14 9FJ
  • 5-7 Tavistock Place, London WC1H 9SN, United Kingdom
  • 5-7 Tavistock Place, London WC1H 9SN, United Kingdom
  • 223 Marsh Wall, Snowdon House, Second Floor, London, E14 9FJ
  • Elizabeth House, 9 Tower Building, 5th Floor, SE1 7NQ
  • Evolution Training, 1 Chancel Place, Store Street, Manchester, M1 2WB
  • Royal Station Hotel,Neville Street,Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 5DH
  • Britannia Hotel, 1 St Jamess St, Nottingham, NG1 6BN
  • Holiday Inn Portsmouth, Pembroke Road, Portsmouth PO1 2TA, United Kingdom
  • Holiday Inn Reading - South, 500 Basingstoke Road, Reading, RG2 0SL
  • Hotel Novotel Sheffield Centre, Arundel Gate, Sheffield, S1 2PR, United Kingdom


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