Difference between a door supervisor and the Security guard.

Security guards and the door supervisors are the two sides of the same coin, later having much more authorities and the responsibilities. A licenced door supervisor can act as a security guard but a security guard even with the proper licence can not take the place of the door supervisor.

Broadly speaking, a door supervisor is an authorized person to work on the licenced premises and have many responsibilities to work on. On the other hand the security guard is the person working on the non licenced premises and has only the responsibility to observe, witness and report.

A door supervisor is the person who works on the premises which is authorized by the local governing bodies. These include generally alcohol serving premises such as bars,pubs etc. The door supervisor has a luxury to work in the entertainment venues such as hotels, nightclubs, gambling casinos and many other. The door supervisor is the person who is responsible for the security and the safety of the visitors and the customers. They also have the responsibility to judge the persons on their behavior and then select the suitable persons to enter the premises. The other thing which is their responsibility of the door supervisor is the dealing with the conflicts and other issues. Hence it is required for the door supervisor to have proper training in the Physical intervention, drug awareness and alcohol licencing.

The job of the door supervisor is the tough one. He has to be polite to the customers as he is the one, whom people encounter at first site and he gives the first impression of the premises, on the other hand he has to be harsh and strict to the disturbing elements trying to break the rules. Other duties of the door supervisors can be keeping a check on the fire safety measures and maintaining the continuous flow at the entry and emergency exits. In short, we can say that the role of the supervisor is to keep order in the premises in terms of law and visitor’s safety.

It is not necessary for the door supervisor to be highly educated but the valid SIA badge is necessary. It will ensure the employees that he is capable of handling the extreme situations. The other courses like physical intervention, handcuff training and many more will only enhance the future prospects of the individual. The main thing important is, a door supervisor should be good in customer dealing that is outspoken and friendly.

The main course for the door supervision is for the duration of 4 days. The course includes the total 20 hours of classroom and a written test. There are two main units in the course.

  • Role and Responsibilities of the Door supervisor.
  • Conflict Management and the communication skills.

The main aim of the course is to provide the framework for the education and helps in the complete understanding of the roles and tactics of the door supervisor.

And when talk about the security guards, they are the persons, one can always see at variety of non licenced premises including retail, corporate and other sections. They can not work on the premises serving alcohol and other entertainment premises, but they offer their services at the premises like banks, shopping complexes and other residential and non residential and non residential areas. There main task is to observe the surroundings and report to the seniors if anything suspicious is found. Other tasks include keeping the safety of the customers and to control the situation in any trouble unless the police arrives. He may be a person who is not privileged as the police officers are, but still he has the authority to make arrests and to ensure that all safety measures are followed, which are established for the safety of the visitors or the customers. In short we can conclude that that the main responsibility of the security guard is to ensure the smooth functioning and there should be no disputes. The job of the security guards is not only limited to the door of the public premises. He also manages the mob control in the social gatherings like matches or the concerts. It is also his responsibility to ensure the safety of the celebrities.

Security guard training takes total 26 hours to complete and the course includes total of three modules. These are:

  • Core Learning for the Common Security Industry Knowledge.
  • Security Guarding Specialist Module.
  • Conflict Management Module.

The main purpose of the training is to enhance the skills and the approach of the individual towards the security industry.

It is necessary to undergo the training. It is illegal to work in the security industry without the valid SIA Licence. You are breaking the law, if you don’t have a valid SIA badge and you are working in the security industry. Hiring the unlicensed staff is also against the law and the employer is to be punished under the law.

The door supervisors are much more in demand as compare to the security guards. There is the difference of 30% between the salaries of the two. And if an security guard holds the qualification of the door supervisor, he increases his chances of the employability by 200%. So choose Door Supervision instead of the Security Guard training and enhance your chances in the security industry.

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