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Get Licensed Marketplace gets you bookings and leads via the UK's most popular security course search sites get-licensed.co.uk and many other websites owned and operated by us, in addition to that we generate leads by working alongside major lead generation companies.

These are additional bookings - customers who may not have found you otherwise. So, you can benefit from

  • More attendees on courses that you already run, improving your profit per course
  • Running more courses
  • Increasing your sales and profits
  • Use our course engine and CRM system to build engaged relationships with customers

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The Fees for using Get Licensed Marketplace are made up to two types of charges.

1. Payment Processing Fees

These are the charges from banks and credit card companies - the unavoidable costs of doing business online. We have negotiated the best deal that we can for you, to keep these charges to a minimum.

1.5% + fixed 10p for bookings made by credit card 40p for bookings made by debit card

If you were using Paypal or Google Checkout for online purchases, the rates start at 3.4% + fixed 20p for all payments, so our rates can save you money for transacting online. Alternately you can use your own payment processor

2. Listing Fees

These are the fees that we charge for listing courses on our websites.

The listing fee depends on the popularity of the location of the course. e.g Aberdeen listing fee is £300 + VAT per course advert

Premium listing offers no other course in 10 mile radius.

There are no other costs unless you wish to enhance your listing on our sites with additional advertising in order to generate enquiries and bookings directly on your own website.

All Fees are subject to VAT, but if you're VAT registered, you can obviously reclaim this.

We pay you for bookings taken after the course, class or lesson date - after the banks have done their stuff, this would normally be 7-13 days after the class date. We pay you after deducting the Payment Processing Fees and Listing Fees. Alternatively you can use your own merchant and collect the payments and pay per advertisement.