Door Supervisor Training in Carrickfergus - Northern Ireland

The SIA Door Supervisor Licence allows individuals to work in both Security Guarding and Door Supervision roles.



Carrickfergus is one of the largest towns in Ireland based on the coast just up from Belfast. It is a historic town with a huge amount of history and some diverse nightlife.

The Door Supervisor Training in Carrickfergus is aimed for people looking to work legally in the UK Private Security Industry as a Door Supervisor in a Pub, Club, Music Events. The Door Supervisor Licence also allows you to work as a Security Guard in retail environments from the highstreet to high end.

After successfully completing the SIA Door Supervisor training course in Carrickfergus, you will be able to apply for your SIA Door Supervisor badge. Once you have your SIA Licence you will be able to work in the private security industry.


Since 2006, we've helped over 40,000 people achieve a SIA Door Supervisor Licence in London and all across the UK. Our SIA Licence training prepares candidates for a rewarding and challenging career as a SIA Door Supervisor. The role of a Door Supervisor is extremely demanding so it is vital that you receive the best quality Door Supervisor Training available before you begin your new career. Once you successfully complete our Door Supervisor course you will be able to apply for a SIA Door Supervisor Licence. It is a legal requirement that you have SIA licence training and a valid SIA Licence before you start working in the private security industry in the UK


Door Supervisor courses in Carrickfergus - Northern Ireland

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Available Dates

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Gaining the SIA recognised Level 2 Award for Door Supervisors will give you the ability to apply for your SIA Door Supervisor licence. This will enable you to work as a Door Supervisor the UK and make you employable. When you book with Get Licensed, we ensure that the training provider you have booked with will not only prepare you to succeed in the exams, they will also teach you vital knowledge needed for real life situations on the door.
It’s easy. You can either book online or you can book through our 24/7 customer service line on 0207 078 7259.
Get Licensed are proud to provide you with a ‘Fast Results’ service for free when you book your Door Supervisor with us. Receive your results within just 10-14 working days after the exam date. Our aim is to notify you the same day the training provider sends us your results. Your results will be available online and we’ll also send you an SMS to inform you when your results are available.
Certificates are dispatched within 4 weeks of the Door Supervisor training course. You have the option to request secured delivery for your certificate.
You can work as a Security Guard with a Door Supervisor licence. It’s important to note that if you take the Security Guard course, you cannot apply for a Door Supervisor badge. This makes Door Supervisor course more valuable when applying for jobs and will make you more eligible. To read our full list of FAQ's, click here. 
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