How Top Security Professionals Recognise Terrorism Threats

With the devastating and recent terrorist attack in Reading, Get Licensed has highlighted key prevention techniques for Security Professionals. These are in compliance with the CPNI – Threat Recognition Guide. What Should Security Professionals Do? When encountering a potential terrorism threat, it is essential that you “consider both where you are working and who or […]

What is the role of a retail security officer?

Are you someone with who pays strong attention to detail and has a passion for ensuring the safety of others? The role of a Retail Security Officer could be a career fit for you.  What is a Retail Security Officer? A Retail Security Officer primarily operates in preventing theft. This is typically by observing shoppers […]

A Licence to Skill – SIA Security Training Online

A movie review about A Licence to Skill – The mission for SIA Training Online Main Characters – James, Get Licensed Dr Training Provider and mastermind Odd Bob Setting – Online Virtual Class Rating – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “It was like I was in the classroom” “I cannot believe how much time I save by learning online” […]

Will CCTV Operators spot Coronavirus?

Now equipped with Realtime Fever Scanning, will CCTV Operators in the UK be able to help contain the Coronavirus? What does this mean for CCTV Operators?  The camera will act as a thermal imager and have the ability to sound an alarm when it reads a temperature that is defined as ‘dangerous’ on a subject.  […]

How my £475 investment made me £19,800

Sam turned 19 in August, till now he had been working as a part-time waiter at a local pub in Harrow, still living with parents and wondering what the future holds for him… “I even thought of going to Uni, but decided against it due to the cost and time commitment; I always wanted. to […]

SIA Licence Holders Are Assigned As ‘Critical Workers’ During Coronavirus (Covid-19) Quarantine

Early in the week the UK Government announced that ‘Key Workers’ would be assigned and authorised to continue their duties within their respective job roles as the coronavirus pandemic continues to affect the world, as other workers deemed not critical were instructed by Prime Minster Boris Johnson to stay at home and self-isolate. Those deemed […]
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