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Can An Effective Handshake Land You A Good Job?

An effective handshake can be the difference between making a good and lasting impression – to leaving the person in your clutch feeling underwhelmed. But why is so much emphasis placed on how you grip the hand of another, and how can you tell the difference between a limp wrist and a winning clench? A handshake can be an intimate endeavour with many job seekers and employers using it as a way to sell themselves. Read more…

By Michael Lee, ago
CCTV Licence

Should Zero-Hour Contracts Be Banned?

Zero-hour contracts have always left opinions divided, with many criticising the instability of not having a guaranteed form of income, with others highlighting the flexibility of a role that is not strenuous or routine in its design. However, campaigners are now calling for a ban on Zero-hour contracts altogether as a campaign is launched to ban “evil” zero-hours contracts in the UK. Millionaire businessman Julian Richer, Managing Director of Richer Sounds, the UK’s largest hi-fi Read more…

By Michael Lee, ago
Career Advice

How To Handle Heartbreak After Another Job Rejection

Job rejection can hurt, but getting your hopes high after another inevitable application knock-back is even harder. Opening up another generic email abruptly bestowing upon you the rejection of being unsuccessful in a job interview is enough to send even the most optimistic of job seekers into a spiral of depression and heartache. So how does a job applicant remain positively hopefully over applying for jobs without getting their heart broken. A job is not a love Read more…

By Michael Lee, ago
Career Advice

How To Become A Security Training Provider

So, you may currently find yourself working as a Door Supervisor or a CCTV Operative, but have you actually considered becoming a security training provider and training the next generation of security operatives as they kick-start their career in the security industry? In the UK, the security sector is a six billion turnover industry, with over 400,000 licensed security operatives currently working all over the country. But with more people choosing to work in this Read more…

By Michael Lee, ago
Door Supervisor Licence

Will New SIA Code Of Conduct Change The Way Licence Holders Work In The Security Industry?

A new code of conduct is set to change the security sector forever as the SIA looks to change how licence holders work and operate in 2020. The security sector is one of the fastest growing industries in the UK – growing an estimated 11% on average each year and contributing approximately £6 billion towards the UK economy. As the security industry continues to grow, so does the number of applicants looking to kick-start a Read more…

By Michael Lee, ago
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