Stay a Step Ahead of SIA Licence Changes Before October 2021

The security industry is in a time of massive growth. Increased demand for security professionals means new ways to protect people and property. That means keeping up with any SIA Licence changes that might affect your work — both now, and in the future. Our previous blog articles explain the changes being introduced to the […]

Understand the Conditions of Your SIA Licence

You’ve got your SIA Licence and are ready for work. Nice one! You’ve learned lots of new information and skills from your security course. But as a legal qualification, there are also important conditions of your SIA Licence you need to remember. What are the conditions of having an SIA Licence? Your training instructor will […]

Understanding Security Guard Career Progression

You’ve completed your security guard or door supervisor course, got licensed and landed your first job. Knowing your skills are in high demand has got you confident in your security guard career. But you still have your eyes on the future, too. Planning the next step in this career is exciting. The way security courses […]

What to Expect When Working the Door After Lockdown

It felt like a lifetime of waiting, but pandemic restrictions are lifting all over the UK. That means many of us are enjoying getting out for the first time in ages. It also means plenty of security professionals with an SIA Licence are out working the door after lockdown. It’s great news for everyone, and […]

Demand for Female Guards in Quarantine Hotels Growing

Everyone’s ready to see the end of the pandemic. Getting on with life nowadays comes with plenty of challenges — and it’s so important we can trust each other. Unfortunately, recent headlines highlight the need for female guards in quarantine hotels more than ever. Demand in the security industry is already very high. Yet as […]

Getting a Job in Security With No Experience

Once you’ve passed your security course and got your SIA Licence, it’s time to begin your new career path. Of course, it’s understandable that getting a job in security with no experience might feel tricky. We’ve all been there. But with the right strategy, that lack of security job experience never needs to hold you […]