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SIA Licence

Victoria and David Beckham’s Lavish Security Secrets

Beginning as Golden Balls and a member of the Spice Girls they are now a super couple of epic proportions. But their high profile comes with some epic security arrangements to keep them safe. From Body Guards to fingerprint scanners, find out the inside workings that keep them safe.

CCTV Operations

Sneaky tricks that Security Guards need to watch out for

Life hacks are everywhere, like using a toaster to make cheese on toast. These life hacks can be amazing and save you time, but they also have a darker side. The website Quora has a thread which asks users to suggest their favourite life hacks of the more dubious variety. These unethical life hacks are devious but provide a great opportunity for those in security to know what to look out for.

Door Supervisor

What is … positional asphyxia?

The issue of positional asphyxia has been brought to the attention of the public in recent years. A report found that between 1990 and 2016 that inquests have recorded more than 5,600 deaths in Police custody and Prison in the UK and Wales. This is not just an issue for Police but also Hospital workers and those that work in the security industry.

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