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8 reasons why our Security heroes deserve more appreciation

8 reasons why our Security heroes deserve more appreciation


Security officers keep the public safe on a daily basis and are often the first line of defence when it comes to emergency response and public safety threats. They play a critical role in the safety of a community by protecting people and property.

Unfortunately, the efforts of security officers on the front line, especially behind the scenes, go unrecognized. It is important that we acknowledge and appreciate these security officers for what they are, everyday heroes. 

Here are 8 reasons why we need to appreciate our security heroes more often:

1- Public safety

Security officers provide security to the general public in public places such as malls, shops, restaurants, bars, banks etc. They are experts at assessing danger through the observation of people. The mere presence of a security guard is enough to scare away troublemakers from causing harm. 

2- Front-line defence

In many cases, security workers are the front line of defence at public places or events, festivals or sporting events. If an undesirable situation occurs, the public expects them to take action and get things under control, otherwise, the consequences can be chaotic. The presence of security guards is the reason why families can enjoy festivals, and teenagers can attend concerts with peace of mind. 

3- Patrolling

Security officers also patrol designated areas, private and public to observe any suspicious activity and maintain security. They may do this during the day or in the middle of the night when you are fast asleep. 

4- Promote a sense of order

The role of security officers is critical in controlling violations, maintaining discipline and ensuring rules and regulations are followed. They have the authority to use reasonable force against violators and individuals misbehaving. In large crowds, they maintain order and prevent the risk of mob fights, riots, or drunk and disorderly conduct. 

Security can help organise and control situations such as large events crowds, employee terminations, or promote a general sense of order and safety. The public feels more secure with security’s presence and is responsive to their guidance.  


5- Provide First Aid/ Save lives

Security personnel who have First Aid certification can take care of injuries and even prevent death in some cases. In an emergency, they are the first responders, as it takes time for police or medics to get involved immediately. Having security officers who have First Aid Training can mean a difference in life and death. 

6- Control emergencies

In case of natural disasters or health crises, security officers can maintain order. For example, they can usher people out safely during a fire or earthquake. Unfortunate events are a fact of life that can happen anywhere at any time, on-site security officers can provide immediate assistance to people.


7-  Prevent theft and damage

Security officers act as a physical deterrent to crime. The presence of even one officer can dramatically reduce the rates of crime and prevent the likelihood of a troublemaker inflicting crime. They can intercept immediately if they catch someone causing trouble. 

8- Reduce your stress levels

Professional security officers are experts in handling unpleasant situations. Having a sense of security that you and your loved ones will be safe and protected provides a sense of peace and comfort. 

These are just a few of the things security officers do on a daily basis. Security is the backbone of a community, so there is no doubt that security professionals deal with a lot of responsibility to keep us safe. They also go through extensive training to become more adept at security tactics and respond to dangerous incidents more quickly. 

So, it’s important to express gratitude and appreciation to security officers for their hard work and dedication. It can be in the form of an appreciation post on social media, an internet announcement or even a smile. 

Here’s how can you express your gratitude:

  1. Give them a smile
  2. Greet them politely, say “Thank you” and/or “Have a nice day”
  3. Have a brief conversation with them, ask how their day is going
  4. Tell them how much you appreciate their service
  5. Offer them a drink or food as a token of appreciation

Thanking a security officer is THAT SIMPLE! Even the smallest expression of gratitude, kindness and thanks goes a long way and can completely change someone’s day for the better. 

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