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Anna Maria Pollini – Join her Journey

Anna Maria Pollini – Join her Journey


A Success Story: How Anna Maria Pollini Aced the Door Supervisor Course and Landed Her Dream Job

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to transform your career through professional training? Today, we bring you a special testimonial blog featuring Anna Maria Pollini. She didn’t just take a Door Supervisor Course at Get Licensed; she aced it and went on to land her dream job in the security industry. This blog not only celebrates Anna Maria’s success but aims to show you how quality training can become a launching platform for an exciting career. So, let’s dive into her journey, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be inspired to kick-start your own.

What made Anna Maria Pollini choose security?

Have you ever found yourself on a career track, wondering how to bring in that extra cash? Anna Maria Pollini faced a similar difficulty. “I work as a personal trainer, which has no regular income. So I wanted something on the side for the quiet periods,” she says. And guess what? She chose to dive into the security sector.

Anna Maria decided to enhance her skills during a quiet period in her personal training business. “Last summer, I was very quiet. That’s when I did my Door Supervisor Course,” she recalls. This course not only added another feather to her cap but also provided a reliable avenue for extra income.

So if you’re stuck in a job that’s not cutting it or you’re simply looking to expand your skill set, following Anna Maria’s lead might be the nudge you need. After all, who doesn’t want an extra stream of income while adding valuable experience to their resume?

Number one highlight from the door supervisor course?

Anna Maria Pollini found her Door Supervisor Course with Get Licensed to be “very intense,” but she didn’t say that as a bad thing. “I was working alongside with it,” she shares, “but I find it very informative.” Not only did she manage to complete the course in a week while working her main job, but she also passed on her first try. High praise also went to her instructor. “I think the instructor was excellent,” she mentions, “I left good feedback because I think he did an amazing job.” In just one week, Anna gained valuable security knowledge that she had never been exposed to.

How helpful is Get Licensed throughout the process?

When asked about how helpful Get Licensed was throughout the process, Anna Maria Pollini couldn’t help but commend the efficiency of the system. “I think the whole system is organised very well from the app,” she notes. She found everything “pretty straightforward,” from booking the course to e-learning and mock exams. “I never had any problems,” she adds. The user-friendly app and clear guidelines made her experience not just educational but also “pretty easy.”

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about doing their course?

If you’re on the fence about starting your course, Anna Maria has some straightforward advice for you. “Just give it all your best,” she says. She emphasises the importance of pre-course work: “If you’re expecting just to go to the course and pass without doing your groundwork, it’s not going to happen.” Anna Maria insists on completing e-learning modules and practising with mock exams. “Just make sure you listen to what the instructors say,” she adds, highlighting the role of attentive participation in course success.

Did you use the GuardPass app?

Anna Maria had only praise for the GuardPass app. “Very helpful in terms of, you know, doing my e-learning, doing my mock exam,” she stated. Not only did she find the app user-friendly, but she also pointed out that it played a key role in her job search. “After the course, that’s where I got my jobs…through the app because there is that job opportunity section.” According to Anna Maria, almost all the agencies she applied to through the app got back to her, making her job search “pretty straightforward.” So, she recommends the app for anyone on the job hunt.

How long did it take Anna Maria Pollini to find a job using GuardPass?

When it comes to landing a job fast, Anna Maria had this to share: “Since I started applying, I think within one week and from the interview, I got the job the same week.” In other words, the GuardPass app made the process “pretty straightforward” for her, turning job-seeking into a hassle-free experience.

What do you normally do within your current role as door supervisor?

Anna Maria enjoys a varied role in her security job. She tells us, “I’ve been doing a bit of everything. From searching both males and females to checking IDs, to just walking into the club. I’ve been pretty much covering all the roles.” Clearly, her training from Get Licensed has prepared her for a versatile experience in the security industry.

What’s one thing you love about your current role?

She states, “There is something about being a security officer, you kind of get respected, you know, me being a short person. I feel like sometimes people, you know, don’t really respect you as much, you know, I feel like give you a bit more of the respect, yeah, having, you know, that role, you know.”

What advice would you give people looking for jobs in security?

Anna Maria strongly recommends using the GuardPass app for those eyeing a career in security. She says, “Utilise the app, it’s very easy to get a job. You don’t need to go on Google, just be honest if you don’t have any experience.” According to her, honesty and a willingness to learn go a long way in this field. With the GuardPass app and a bit of honesty, landing that first security gig could be quicker than you think.

What is it like being a woman in security?

Anna Maria finds her role as a woman in the security industry to be both interesting and important. “Women kind of look at you like, wow, she’s in security. Men sometimes question it, but I find it empowering,” she says. According to her, having female security officers is essential, especially when it comes to making everyone feel comfortable. She adds, “It’s essential to make all the population feel comfortable, especially women who might feel intimidated by being searched by men.”

What advice would you give to other women thinking about joining the security industry?

“Don’t be afraid, it’s teamwork,” says Anna Maria, encouraging other women to join the security industry. She emphasises the strong sense of community in her experience, noting that “any clubs I’ve been working on, I always felt very welcome.” If you’re hesitating because you lack confidence, Anna Maria assures you that the job can be a great confidence builder. “Just go for it. It’s a good opportunity,” she says.

Thoughts and gratitude

“Yeah, thank you very much,” Anna Maria beams as she talks about her journey with Get Licensed. The flexibility of her new role in security stands out. “Right now I’m only working two days a week, but that’s my choice. If I want to get more days, I could easily get more days.” She’s grateful for the simplicity of finding a job through the GuardPass app. “It was easy peasy,” she exclaims. “So thank you, Get Licensed.”


Anna Maria Pollini’s journey in becoming a licenced door supervisor showcases the flexibility, community, and empowerment one can find in the security industry. Her testimonial offers valuable insights, not just for women but for anyone considering a career in security. With tools like the GuardPass app and the quality training provided by Get Licensed, stepping into the security industry has never been more straightforward. Thank you for joining us on Anna Maria’s empowering journey. Get started on yours today!

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