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Assault On Retail Workers Now A Criminal Offence

Assault On Retail Workers Now A Criminal Offence


The UK government has just stepped up big time for retail workers. They’re making assaults against our hard-working shop staff a standalone criminal offence. It’s a game-changer, and here’s why.

What’s Changing?

Remember hearing about that scary rise in attacks on shop workers last year? Well, the government’s not having it anymore. If someone’s mean enough to assault a retail worker, they could now face serious time, a hefty fine, and even be banned from the store where they caused trouble.

Plus, there’s £55.5m going into facial recognition tech. This isn’t just about catching the bad guys – it’s about stopping theft and keeping staff safe.

Reactions All Around

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is pretty clear – he’s telling troublemakers it’s time to back off.  He stated,  “to those criminals – whether they are serious organised criminal gangs, repeat offenders or opportunistic thieves – who think they can get away with stealing from these local businesses or abusing shop workers, enough is enough.”

Helen Dickinson from the British Retail Consortium is also cheering on the news: “This announcement sends a clear message that this abusive behaviour will not be tolerated. It will improve the police response, which has historically been poor, as police will now have the necessary data to understand the scale of the problem and allocate sufficient resource to address this issue.”

What Does This Mean for Security Professionals?

This is huge for security professionals too. They’re the unsung heroes keeping things calm in stores. Now, they’ve got more power to do their jobs and protect everyone. More training and professional development are likely on the horizon, making them even better at what they do.

For retail workers, knowing there’s a trained, empowered security team around is a massive relief. It means working without looking over their shoulder all the time.

Our Thoughts?

At Get Licensed, we’re all about making work safer and happier for everyone. This new law? It’s a big step in the right direction. Violence and abuse in retail just aren’t on – and now, there’s some proper muscle behind those words.

With police, retail teams, security pros – pulling together. Let’s make our shops the safe, happy places they should be.

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