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8 reasons why our Security heroes deserve more appreciation

Security officers keep the public safe on a daily basis and are often the first line of defence when it comes to emergency response and public safety threats. They play a critical role in the safety of a community by protecting people and property. Unfortunately, often, the efforts of security officers on the front line […]

5 Most Common Security Interview Questions

The responsibility of a security officer is to be a trustworthy individual who is aware of security procedures. When hiring, security companies seek individuals who can demonstrate these qualities to ensure that security professionals can keep their employees, facilities, and equipment safe. If you’re applying for a security position, one way to display these skills […]

Is an SIA Licence mandatory to work at events?

If you’re considering a career in the UK’s event industry, it’s important to know the legal requirements and qualifications needed before applying for your dream job. It’s an exciting career, after all, you may get to attend some of the hottest events in town, from concerts and festivals to sporting events and even celebrity weddings.  […]

Working in the private security industry Self-employed vs Employee

In the UK, you can work as a “self-employed” security officer at a company that doesn’t provide security. Some organisations hire “freelance” security guards who can be categorised as “self-employed,” while others hire their staff as full-time employees. The key difference is that self-employed security guards need to calculate their own tax and national insurance, […]

Nightclub spiking alarms local police. 5 ways CCTV can help!

Rising needle attacks in nightclubs have wreaked havoc all over the UK.  Such cases of harassment have added pressure on local authorities and nightclub owners. As a precaution, more and more nightclub owners are investing in CCTV cameras to ensure that on-duty security officers can prevent future incidents.  Rising needle attacks concern nightclub owners   The […]

Crime increases by 40% on Halloween. Is it time you followed this advice?

Halloween can be terrifying. It’s especially scary for those in charge of security in public or private places. Each year, there is a 40% to 50% increase in criminal activity on business during Halloween. David Walsh, Board Director of world-leading visual monitoring company,  Netwatch, said,  “Halloween is great fun for kids, but it can be […]

Safety First – The SIA’s policy to prevent Violence against Women

With rising violence against women, the safety of women and girls is a major concern for many people. The tragic deaths of Sarah Everard, Sabina Nessa, and many other innocent girls is a constant reminder that this is an urgent public safety issue that needs to be addressed. The UK Government launched a strategy for […]

Is Mental Health an Invisible Problem in the Security Industry?

The private security industry has transformed in the last 50 years from a small niche sector to a huge global industry. In the UK alone, there are more than 350,000 licensed security guards, with many others employed in jobs that don’t require a license. Security guards play an important role in providing safety and protection […]

Working the doors- Top 5 things to do as a Security professional experiencing racism

As a security professional, your job requires you to be composed, in control of yourself and the people around you. Its wise to stay calm and collected, but in some situations you might get triggered by a drunk trying to enter the venue you provide security for. It can be even more difficult to keep […]

SIA Clampdowns Highlight the Risks of Unlicensed Security Work

An SIA Licence is a legal requirement for anyone working as a security professional in the UK. This isn’t exactly news. But one thing that keeps making headlines are the risks of unlicensed security work. A lot of this illegal security work isn’t happening with any bad intentions. People are simply trying to put food […]