Home Employer Advice BS7858 Security Vetting: What It Means
BS7858 Security Vetting: What It Means

BS7858 Security Vetting: What It Means


You’re probably here because you’ve heard about BS7858 Security Vetting. It sounds all fancy and official, doesn’t it? But don’t stress, I’m here to explain it all in easy words so everyone can understand.

What is This BS7858 Thing?

Think of BS7858 as a big background check. Are you aiming for a security job in the UK? This check confirms you’re the right match. It’s like when you buy a used car, you’d want to know if it had any past problems, right?

Why BS7858 Matters:

1. Trust Matters: 

   People are at ease knowing the security professional has undergone thorough checks.

2. Job Doors Open Wide: 

   Many companies will only hire you if you’ve passed this vetting.

3. Everyone Feels Good: 

   It’s peace of mind for companies, customers, and even you!

The Journey of BS7858 Vetting:

1. Tell Them About You:

   They’ll need to know where you’ve lived and stuff like that.

2. Money Habits: 

   They’ll take a peek at how you handle your money. No biggie!

3. Looking Back: 

   This is just checking to see if you’ve had any big problems in the past.

4. Past Jobs: 

   They’re curious about where you worked before.

5. Friendly Chats: 

   They’ll talk to some folks who know you, like old bosses.

How Get Licensed Jumps In:

Going through BS7858 might sound big, but with Get Licensed, it’s a breeze!

1. They’re Like Your Tour Guide: 

   They know all the steps and will show you the way.

2. Making Things Simple: 

   They’ve got cool tools to make everything easy-peasy.

3. Questions? Just Ask! 

   Get Licensed is there to help anytime you’re wondering about something.

Different Licences for Different Jobs:

Depending on what security job you want, there’s a licence for that. Whether guarding a door, watching over shops, or being a bodyguard for someone famous, you’ll need a licence. And each one has its perks!

So, in a nutshell, if you want to step into the UK’s security scene, BS7858 is your golden ticket. And with Get Licensed holding your hand, it will be a smooth ride. Ready to dive in? You’ve totally got this!


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