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An effective handshake can be the difference between making a good and lasting impression – to leaving the person in your clutch feeling underwhelmed. But why is so much emphasis placed on how you grip the hand of another, and how can you tell the difference between a limp wrist and a winning clench?

A handshake can be an intimate endeavour with many job seekers and employers using it as a way to sell themselves. Florin Dolcos, a psychologist at the University of Illinois says that the grip of a handshake can improve your chances at successfully passing a job interview while also ensuring that you leave a positive impression. According to the psychologist, the secret to a successful handshake is all in the firmness of the grip, with many handshakes not asserting enough dominance or authority.

Shaken or flimsy?

Handshakes are such an integral part of our social interactions and professional introductions with each kind of introduction showcasing the hand shakers style and expression.

A flimsy or timid handshake, while unintentional can leave the person feeling awkward or uncomfortable as they are left reeling from an underwhelming introduction that leaves a lot to be desired. The important thing to keep in mind is that handshakes often serve as a “first impression” with a dedicate grip giving off the impression of a shy yet underconfident person. While not wanting to forcibly crush the other persons hand in the process with an overly strong encounter, it is important to evaluate the situation to decide what kind of introduction would be most appropriate.

What is the perfect handshake?

It’s the question that has left the greatest sages and gurus scratching their heads in ponder, that question being what is the perfect handshake? While the perfect introduction may differ depending on the scenario, generally a firm but not overly tense handshake is recommended together with direct eye contact and a grip no longer then approximately three shakes. Hand shakers should also be aware of other people’s hand shaking style as to avoid any prolonged hand gripping or awkward shakes.

What Get Licensed Says

An effective handshake is vital in making a good impression during an interview and therefore should be prioritised as much as you would an up to date CV or a new suit. A good handshake demonstrates confidence, ability and self-awareness, while a flimsy encounter can often come across as weak and insecure. Practice you perfect handshake with friends and family and don’t let your timid grip prevent you from making a strong lasting impression.

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Can An Effective Handshake Land You A Good Job?
An effective handshake can be the difference between a good introduction and a bad last impression. Find out how to shake it off here.
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