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Let’s be honest, nobody likes work meetings. Whether it be that mandatory Monday morning group conference at 8am when you would rather still be in bed, or team building meetings with work colleagues you would rather throw under a bus then exchange icebreakers with. Meetings have become something we dread rather then look forward to.

Meetings are a cornerstone in the working environment and regardless of the type of business you work in, you probably have attended your fair share of work meetings. But despite work meetings often being tedious, repetitive and downright boring, according to new data from Sweden’s Malmö University, work meetings can actually serve as a form of therapy, with attendees being given a chance to ‘unload’ work related stress and anxieties while also providing an outlet to vent frustrations to colleagues.

Professor Patrik Hall who headed the report says that meetings can almost become “almost therapeutic” with many seeing it as an opportunity to be acknowledged by work colleagues and management as a form of group recognition.

Interestingly, it was also highlighted that managers who are unsure of their purpose, book more internal conferences as a form of validation and more often than not, end up with group discussions being unorganised with no real agenda. While meetings can be constructive and end up motivating a team, there also needs to be structure and a valid reason for bringing a team together.

What Get Licensed Says

In the midst of ‘meeting mania’ in which gatherings tend to happen because it has become routine, bringing a group of people together just for the sake of having a meeting is not really productive for anyone involved, and often leads to loss of time wasted on pointless and often idle group discussions that really don’t help anyone.

With online technology and instant messaging services like Slack changing the way we communicate with work colleagues in the workplace, maybe it’s time we take conferences online and focus on the real topic at hand.

Article Name
Can Work Meetings Actually Be Good For Your Mental Health?
While work meetings can more often then not, put us into a state of despair, according to new research, meetings at work can actually be ‘therapeutic’ for us.
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