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Door staff to wear facial recognition cameras?

Door staff to wear facial recognition cameras?


Southampton door supervisors to Wear Facial Recognition Cameras: A Game-Changer for Security

At Get Licensed, we are committed to providing professional, reliable, and efficient solutions for aspiring security professionals and employers in the UK. Today, we bring you exciting news from Southampton, where door supervisor will soon be equipped with facial recognition cameras, taking security measures to new heights.

Facial recognition camera in security.

In a bold new move, Southampton’s door staff will start wearing special cameras with smart facial recognition features. The goal? To make the city centre safer by reducing crime. With this, Southampton is showing everyone that it’s a place where people can feel safe and welcome.

credit: quick click security
credit: quick click security

What’s the Plan?

The trial will run for three months and involve door staff across seven venues. These cameras will help them identify individuals previously banned from entering.

GO! Southampton, the city’s Business Improvement District, is pioneering this initiative, marking it the first in the UK. The vision behind this move is Jade McCauley, Operations Manager at GO! Southampton says it aims to continuously enhance safety measures in the city’s nightlife. This innovative technology is expected to empower door staff to swiftly spot and handle offenders.

How it will operate.

These new cameras use an advanced system called Reveal facial recognition. With this, the cameras can quickly spot people who might cause trouble, even if they try to look different. Imagine it like having a super-smart friend with you who never forgets a face, no matter how much someone tries to disguise themselves.

People have had a lot of discussions about this technology, wondering if it’s a good thing or not. But one thing is clear: when it comes to helping the police tackle serious offences, this technology has proven to be a big help. It’s like having an extra set of eyes always on the lookout.

Building on an Already Successful System

Southampton has a system called the Red Card scheme. What this does is simple: if you’re banned from one venue because of your previous behaviour, you’re banned from all the venues that are part of this scheme. They’re adding a new layer to this system – facial recognition cameras. These cameras are a big step forward in keeping the city centre safe. Instead of relying on word of mouth or written records, these cameras will quickly identify those who shouldn’t enter certain venues.

Now, we know that people might be worried about their privacy with cameras. But there’s no need for concern. These facial recognition cameras are super focused on their job. They won’t be storing everyone’s faces in a big database. Instead, they’ll only be checking faces against a specific list of people who have been banned. If the camera doesn’t recognise you from that list, it forgets you instantly. So, regular folks have nothing to worry about; their privacy is protected.

What’s Next?

This new step in security is certainly promising, but it’s equally important to approach it with a sense of responsibility and ethics. Donna Jones, the Police and Crime Commissioner, has expressed similar views, emphasising how this technology can be a game-changer for police forces nationwide.

Before everything goes live, the Southampton Business Crime Partnership (SBCP) is rolling out a special invite. On November 3rd, they’re offering locals and students a firsthand experience with this tech. It’s not just a look-see; they’re hosting a full-blown demo and a session to answer all your queries.

Want to find a way to get in? Spaces are filling up fast, so drop a line to the BID team at sbcp@gosouthampton.co.uk

In conclusion

Southampton is stepping up its game in the security world, and it’s exciting to see. By weaving in facial recognition technology, the city is showing everyone how seriously it takes the safety of its residents and visitors. And guess what? That Purple Flag they got earlier this year? It’s just more proof of their dedication. 

At Get Licensed, we’re all about embracing these changes and want to help budding security pros do the same. Our Door Supervisor Licence training is the way to go if you’re considering diving into security, especially with these rising tech advancements. It’s more than just a course – it’s your ticket to being part of this evolving security world. So, why wait? Let’s get you trained and ready to work with the best of what technology offers in security.

Source: Daily Echo, Southampton

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