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Eight Reasons To Hire Building Site Security

Eight Reasons To Hire Building Site Security


Whether in the heart of a big city or in the countryside, construction sites pose a number of potential security concerns, from thieves looking to steal expensive materials and equipment to vandals who want to destroy.

While the price you pay for 24-hour security may sound expensive, its benefits are well worth the cost when weighed against the losses that could occur without security. What are the benefits of hiring building site security?

1. They Can Control Site Access

Builders, electricians, plumbers and painters with changing working schedules and deliveries at all hours of the day, it can be hard to keep track of all the different individuals coming and going from a building site day after day. Having security guards can ease the stress load. They can control site access to authorised individuals only, minimising the chances of theft, vandalism and people from squatting after working hours.


Ensure your security officers have access to your appointments whether your old school and use a diary or use computer software to keep security staff up-to-date. It is important they are aware of who is supposed to be on the premises each day. Have a strict identification policy and make sure your security guards enforce it.

2. They are a Deterrent for Thieves

From materials like wood, concrete, plaster and paint to tools such as saws, sanders and scaffolds, materials and tools used on a construction site aren’t cheap. It could be a builder who decides to steal something on a whim or the seasoned criminal who scopes out your construction site and plans to come back late at night to take goods when no one is around. Thieves come in all different forms, and it can be hard to vet everyone working on your building site thoroughly.

Having a security officer on your building site will make contractors think twice before taking materials and tools that do not belong to them. If you hire a guard to patrol the site after hours, they can report any suspicious activity to the authorities and catch thieves before it is too late.


Lock up materials and tools at night if it is possible. If you are employing an individual to keep your building site secure at night, ensure they have appropriate lone worker protection.

3. They Can Keep Out Vandals

Security guards won’t only keep away thieves, but vandals too. In December of 2016, it was reported that the construction industry loses £800 million each year on average due to theft and vandalism with costs including damage repair, replacement costs, hire of replacement equipment, loss of business and increased insurance premiums. Security guards can catch vandals before or during the act of property damage such as graffiti and defacement of property.


Silent intruder alarms and CCTV systems can help security guards keep vandals out. When trespassers do step foot on the premises, such security equipment can aid your security guards in quickly finding the intruders location and give them a greater chance of catching the vandal in the act. CCTV footage can help in court should the owner of a building site choose to press charges against the intruder.

4. They Can Prevent and Protect Against Fires

Building sites generally don’t have fire safety systems installed. The prevention and reporting of a fire is often up to busy site managers and contractors working on the building site.  Security guards are trained to monitor an entire building site and watch out for signs of a fire. A good security officer will know how to safely evacuate employees on a building site if there is a fire, keep the fire damage to a minimum, call the fire department and cordon off necessary areas.


Before you hire a security guard, make sure they are trained in fire safety and that they are aware of the procedures they should follow in case of a fire.  If you are the site owner or manager, it is your job to ensure a fire risk assessment is carried out to minimise the risk to life and property from fire. Take note of where sources of fuel and ignition are on the building site and establish general fire precautions such as escape routes, how you will warn workers of fire and how you will fight the fire.

5. They Can Keep Building Site Workers Safe

Building sites are high risk, a place where accidents are prone to happen. Whether it be a construction emergency where something breaks or someone is injured, well-trained security guards can be a building site’s emergency response. They can contact the appropriate emergency services and if they’ve undergone a good security training course, they will be trained in first aid.


Hire a security guard who has taken a first aid training course, they could save a life. Make sure security guards have a list of emergency service numbers handy at all times, so they are able to resolve emergencies quickly.

6. They Can Prevent and Solve Conflicts

In a busy work environment with different contractors constantly coming and going, tensions are bound to rise at some point. Building site security can prevent conflicts, such as arguments between contractors, from escalating. If an incident gets out of hand, a security guard can contact the authorities and detain individuals involved in the conflict until law enforcement arrives.


While you may not always be able to schedule contractors to work on your building site at different times, do your best to arrange contractors to do work during different time slots. Make sure contractors are aware if they need to finish a task at a certain time because you have other workers coming in. This will prevent workers from getting in the way of one another and the frustration it could cause. Send contractors a copy of the different times they are booked in to work on the site so there are no misunderstandings.

7. They Can Ensure Compliance Standards Are Met

A security guard can make sure health and safety rules and regulations are being followed. Perhaps someone isn’t using the proper safety equipment or is working recklessly. A trained security guard has the skills to confront the worker and resolve the issue in the appropriate manner.


Train your security guard so that they know what to look out for on a construction site in terms of health and safety violations. This will help them quickly spot unsafe activities and put an end to them.

8. They Can Save You Money

Theft, vandalism and fire can amount to thousands of pounds in losses. Because security guards are constantly on the lookout, they can prevent and minimise incidents from occurring that could end up costing you.

Next time you think you are saving money by cutting security staff, think again.


Take your time hiring the security company that is right for you. Reach out to contacts, read reviews and learn about the security guards the agency you are looking at employs. Consider taking out a contract with your security company of choice, it could end up saving you money in the long run.

Lastly, remember that the best security guards in the business don’t always come from the biggest agencies.How to work in the security sector.

How to work in the security sector

If you are interested in working in the security sector, whether it be as a Door Supervisor, Security Guard or CCTV Operative, you will need to obtain a SIA Licence.

To obtain a SIA Licence, you will need to complete a course. Once you have completed the course, will you then be able to apply for an SIA Licence and work in the security sector.


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