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Elevate your security career with basic handcuff training

Elevate your security career with basic handcuff training


The UK security industry has been growing rapidly. It is necessary to stay competitive and develop needed skills. To help you grow in the security industry, Get Licensed provides you with the necessary skills to help you stay on track. Join Basic Handcuff Training and see yourself prosper in the industry. Make the difference you often search for, learn handcuffing skills and get a chance to grow yourself in the security industry. 

Exploring New Career Avenues

Want to boost your career? Enhance your career prospects in the security industry with Basic Handcuff Training. This one-day course equips you with essential handcuff skills and a valuable asset in the job market.

As we know demand for security professionals is on the rise, and employers are seeking individuals with diverse skill sets. Handcuff training is a skill that can make you stand out and provides you with the expertise needed for various security roles, from door supervisors to CCTV operators. After completing the course, explore retail, corporate, and event security opportunities. Choose roles that align with your interests and career goals.

What You’ll Learn

Here are some of the valuable knowledge and skills you’ll acquire through our Basic Handcuff Training Course

Understanding Handcuff Use: Learn when and why to use handcuffs effectively, ensuring your actions are lawful and justified.

Legal Framework: You will master the Criminal Law Act 1967 and related laws, ensuring you’re well-informed about the legal aspects of handcuff use.

Medical Considerations: Understand the health risks associated with handcuffing and learn how to mitigate them, ensuring the safety of all parties involved.

Handcuff Application: Develop the ability to apply handcuffs effectively on various subjects, ensuring proper restraint when necessary.

Safe Handcuff Removal: Learn the correct techniques for removing handcuffs safely to avoid injury or harm to individuals in custody.

Why Handcuff Training Matters

Knowing when and how to use handcuffs effectively is crucial and a fundamental part of security training for security professionals. It ensures that your actions are lawful and justified. In addition to legal knowledge, we provide essential training in safe handcuff removal techniques, crucial for the safety of individuals in custody and security professionals. You might be wondering whether training is necessary to use handcuffs. The answer is a resounding ‘yes.’ Proper training is essential to ensure that you use handcuffs safely and within the bounds of the law. During training, you’ll practise different positions for handcuffing. This includes standing, kneeling, and prone positions. These techniques enable you to handle various situations with confidence and competence. We also cover how to check handcuff tightness to prevent discomfort or injury to the person in custody. You’ll learn how to secure handcuffs firmly but without causing unnecessary harm.

Real-World Scenarios

To help you understand the real-world applications of Basic Handcuff Training, let’s consider a scenario: You’re working as a door supervisor at a popular nightclub, and a situation escalates. With your handcuff training, you have the knowledge and skills to safely restrain an individual until the authorities arrive, ensuring the safety of both patrons and staff.

Ethical and Professional Use

We want to emphasise that proper training is essential to ensure that you use handcuffs safely and within the bounds of the law. It’s not just about legality; it’s about ensuring the safety and well-being of all individuals involved.

Choose Get Licensed for Basic Handcuff Training, and commit to professionalism and safety in your security career.

Get Started Today

Ready to take your security career to new heights? Get Licensed Basic Handcuff Training can give you the skills and knowledge you need to succeed.

To secure your spot and start your journey to enhance your security career, Book Now. Act fast, seats are limited. 

Becoming an expert and acquiring valuable skills can set you apart. Basic Handcuff Training provides the essential skills for excelling in various security roles. With flexible career paths and the opportunity to expand your expertise, this training can elevate your security career. Unlock your potential and explore a world of security opportunities waiting for you. Don’t miss out – your thriving security career starts with Basic Handcuff Training from Get Licensed. Start today.

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