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Fun Facts About SIA Holders

Fun Facts About SIA Holders


Fun Facts About SIA

Over the years, active SIA licence holders have been on the rise, and as of date, more than 378k active licence holders are spread all over the UK. There is a lot of fun information about these holders, and we bet there are amazing facts that you didn’t know. 

Age Is Just A Number When It Comes To SIA

Did you know that most licensed SIA security personnel lie in the age bracket of 31-40? The age bracket makes up 25% of the total SIA licence holders in the UK, representing 97,198 security personnel.

Interestingly, 297 personnel are 80 years of age and above; a good number despite the age, proving that age is just a number and your licence will stand the test of time. Also, there are over 83k SIA licence holders below the age of 30.

Women are Under-represented in this Career

Females licence holders make-up 10.23% of the total licence holders in the UK, while their male counterparts make up the majority at 89.77%. 

There are no gender restrictions when it comes to applying for an SIA licence. In our modern world, where gender equality is a critical work pillar, it is evident that anyone can own an SIA licence despite their gender. More females are encouraged to apply for an SIA licence as there is a big difference in the numbers, meaning a lady with an SIA licence will stand out.

Diversity in Nationality

The majority of SIA licence holders are Brits, and they make up 69%, but the remaining percentage is split between other nationalities. The total number of countries represented is 195, with Pakistan representing most non-British holders at 4%.

There are really no discriminations based on nationality when it comes to having an SIA licence. You get a chance to work in a foreign country and gain exposure to new cultures as you work. About a third of security personnel are non-citizens; thus, you are sure of owning your licence anytime you enrol for an SIA licence course.

Which Sector has the Highest Personnel?

The sector with the most SIA personnel is door supervision and accounts for over 74% of the holders. If you are wondering why this is the case, it’s because it has more job opportunities. Even though the door supervision course takes six days and the security guard training takes only four days, the hack is that you can work as a security guard with a door licence, but the vice-versa isn’t possible.

Another fantastic fact is that only 14 of the total holders work in the vehicle mobilisation sector—the least number working in a sector. Interestingly, security guarding has more workers than those working in the public surveillance sector.

Does A Highly Populated Region Mean More SIA Licence Holders?

Smaller cities such as Luton have more SIA security licence holders than bigger cities like Leeds, which ranks as the third most populous city in the UK but has only slightly over 5,000 security personnel. London has the highest percentage of SIA licence holders, with 26% of the total holders working in the busy city. 

What all this means is that there’s a gap and a need for more security personnel in bigger cities like Leeds. 

More Fun Facts

  • Lochgilphead has the lowest number of SIA licence holders, with only two of them at the moment. 
  • There is a 96-year-old active SIA licence holder if you thought you were too old to have a licence.
  • There exists a huge demand for SIA security holders in many major cities as the per capita ratio is still low at less than 1%.

Interested in a Career as an SIA Licence Holder?

Registering for an SIA security licence is a sure method to increase your career prospects and has a low entry barrier. You must be at least 18 years old and should also be able to confirm your identity and undergo a criminal background check. The training is only four days long and charges as little as £179.

The programs are held in over 85 centres across the country and in comfortable settings such as conference centres and hotels. There’s also a money-back offer if you are dissatisfied with how the course is administered in any respect. You can also pay in instalments for the training, and the good news is that these instalments are interest-free, so you won’t have to pay extra cash during your repayment. You also get the chance to enjoy the summer sale, which has a £60 discount!

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