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The Loop: Harm Reduction training for SP

The Loop: Harm Reduction training for SP


Get Licensed and The Loop are joining forces to provide security professionals with a comprehensive training package on illicit drug use in nightlife venues. Using a harm reductionist framework tailored specifically to security staff’s needs, this course will help security personnel understand the effects of common club drugs, their use in venues, and how to respond to drug-related emergencies. 

Course Details

The Drug Awareness and Harm Reduction course is a 3-hour online course with a certificate provided on completion. All training materials will be provided by The Loop. It will benefit all security professionals, including door supervisors and security guards, venue or event security professionals who are at the front line to help prevent drug-related harm. 

This course is currently FREE when you purchase a security training course on a gold or platinum package.

Drug Awareness and Harm Reduction Training Course

What will you learn on the Course?

The course will cover the following topics:

  1. Introduction to Harm Reduction
  2. What is a drug 
  3. Who uses drugs
  4. Effects and perceived benefits of key drugs
  5. Drug-Related Issues and the law 
  6. Spiking
  7. Responding to a drug emergency 

The specific drugs that will be covered in the course are alcohol, amphetamines, ketamine ecstasy and cocaine. Security professionals will learn the effects of each substance, their perceived benefits/risks and key harm reduction tactics for each drug. 

Benefits of taking the course

Currently, training on drug-related incidents, like spiking is not available. So, this course will offer something new, with an in-depth guide to enable security professionals in dealing with any issues that arise effectively, while:

  1. Working on the doors
  2. Keeping venues open and safe 
  3. Saving thousands of victims from harm

1. Keep venues safe

The duty of security professionals working at different venues is not to kick people out in case they are under the influence of a drug. A successful security officer is one who can ensure that the venue is as safe as possible and protect everyone within it. This course will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to deal with anyone under drug influence and keep people safe. 

2. Prevent spiking

Additionally, with the recent epidemic of needle spiking incidents, the knowledge you have will aid you to identify suspicious people and prevent those who can fall prey to such incidents. 

3. Save a life

The course will also help you facilitate anyone who suffers due to drug influence. Since you will learn the effects and risks of several drugs, you can identify risks such as stroke, unconsciousness, injury and accidents and help someone suffering while present at the venue. So, having the knowledge on how to help reduce harm in such a situation is priceless and could potentially save a life. 

Fesitvals and drugs

Drug Testing At Festivals Is Now Disappearing

Drug Testing has been happening at UK festivals for about 10 years, and is a way to identify potentially deadly substances and warn people about them. Festival goers can give a small sample of a drug to be tested to ensure that no harmful substances have been added to the drug.

‘But the boss of Parklife has told BBC Newsbeat there could be no on-site drug testing at UK music festivals this summer’. You can read the full article published by the BBC on Drug Testing at Festivals in 2023 here.

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