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Guide for your path to get an SIA Licence

Guide for your path to get an SIA Licence


Hey there! So, you’re thinking about a cool job in security? That’s awesome. But before you jump in, you need something called an SIA licence. It sounds fancy, but don’t worry. I’m here to guide you through it, step by step. Let’s begin!

Why Do You Need an SIA Licence?

1. It’s the Rule: 

If you want to work in the security industry in the UK, you need this licence. It’s like your entry ticket to the coolest security party. 

2. People Trust You: 

Wear that shiny badge with pride! When folks see it, their eyes say, “Wow! This person knows their stuff!” It’s like a superhero badge that says you’re here to protect and serve.

3. More Job Choices:

Picture this: With your SIA licence, you’re at a buffet of awesome job offers. Do you see yourself guarding an event, or maybe behind the scenes watching over with CCTV? The choices are endless!

4. Learn Cool Stuff: 

This isn’t just a piece of paper. It’s your ticket to learning all the cool secrets of the security world. How to spot trouble from a mile away, handle tricky situations, and so much more!

How to Get Your Licence with GL:

1. Join a Course: 

Pick your course and spend about the required course completion days learning. There are tests, but you’ve got this.

2. Fill Out a Form: 

Head to the SIA website. Pay licence costs. They’ll check everything and get back to you soon.

3. Show Your ID: 

Go to the Post Office with a picture of yourself. Or, have a friend sign the back of it.

4. Wait a Bit:

 The SIA will ensure everything is good. They check your criminal record, if you are an immigrant you need to provide criminal records from your home country.

5. Celebrate: 

Your licence will arrive in the mail. It’s good for 3 years! You should renew your licence before its expiration. Some courses, such as door supervisor or security guard, will require a top-up course to help you stay updated. 

Which Job is for You?

Door Supervisor

Guard doors at big events or fancy offices. You could make some good money!

– Security Guarding: 

Watch over places like malls and buildings.

– CCTV: 

Sit in a room, watch cameras, and keep places safe.

Close Protection

How about guarding VIPs? It feels cool, right?

In conclusion, your guide to starting a job in security is like going on a cool adventure. And with GL by your side, getting your SIA licence is a breeze. They’re the friendly guide you need. So go ahead, dive into the world of security. Your exciting journey awaits!

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