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Harry Roberts Career Path to Success

Harry Roberts Career Path to Success


Harry Roberts Career Transformation: Festival Stewarding to Security Star

Finding a job that fits you the best? Ever thought about the security industry? Will I adjust in this industry? Find answers from Harry’s testimonial to these questions today.

Meet Harry Roberts, who took the opportunity of working in the security field as a Door Supervisor and hasn’t looked back since. Harry took his chance at festival stewarding and had the “time of his life.” Now, as a certified Door Supervisor, Harry shares his words of wisdom on how to succeed in this field, why you should choose Get Licensed for your training, and his secret to acing the course the first time.

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Why Choose Security?

Harry didn’t plan to get into security, but it completely changed his life when he did. He says, “Initially, I was looking for work in any sort of industry, any roles, anything like that,”. A friend told Harry about the job at the Isle of Wight Festival, and certainly, that event changed his life. He said out of thrill, “That one event, that one job, as soon as I got thrown into it, I was like, Don’t even really think about it. Just do it.” 

Is It Worth It? Advice for all

Harry is confident of the choice that he made back then and wants to assure everyone through sharing his experience on how choosing Get Licensed was worth it.  

“If you’re pondering whether to do the course, don’t hesitate. Do it, 100%. Get licence will make it possible for you. It’s worth the chance and can help you even find a job in the security industry. 

Want to implement his advice then you should definitely sign up for Get Licensed and take your first step towards success. 

Tips for Passing the SIA Exam First Time

Harry’s tip for passing the course the first time is straightforward. “Pay attention to the lectures and clear your confusions by asking questions from the trainer.” He quotes, “Just relax, pay attention, you’ll get through it, no problem.” These aren’t just words; they’re proven advice from someone who’s been there, done that, and succeeded.

The Power of the Right App: Harry’s Experience with GuardPass

Harry took a few months to settle into the security world after his training. “I passed my course in March and didn’t really start looking until September,” he shares. But his first job was a big event? The Queen’s Funeral! “It was massively jumping in the deep end, but it worked out for me.” And the GuardPass app was the platform that helped him find this one in a lifetime opportunity.

What’s Harry Up To Now?

Life’s never boring for Harry in his current role. “I just do events at the moment, so I do festivals, obviously, I did the Queen’s Funeral, King’s Coronation, and various gigs,” he explains. He shared his simple formula to get working: “When I see one I want to do, I apply for it, I do it, send my invoice in, job done.” Sounds pretty cool and simple, doesn’t it?” 

The Best Part? Harry Robert’s Experience

Harry loves his job because of the experiences. He said, being able to do festivals and all these different events, the places you get to go, the people you meet, and just the whole overall experience of the things I get to do.” By comparison, Each event has its special moments to rejoice. He meets new people and discovers new locations. Simply, a dream life to live. Roberts shares his lovely experience, “As I said before, I get paid to do that. It’s just like a dream. I love it.”

Motivational Words for the ones Searching for Jobs

Word of advice from Harry Roberts for the ones looking for jobs in the security field. He says, “Put yourself out there more. If you feel you’re not good enough for a role, you feel you don’t have the right experience, still go for it.” Don’t worry about experience or that you are not qualified, Having the spirit to win is what will help you succeed. Harry says,”Since my very first SIA job was the Queen’s Funeral. Don’t think that because you have a lack of experience, you won’t fit that role. Just apply for it.” 

Feel confident, get your licence and with the help of GuardPass apply for a job. We believe in you. 

Harry Robert Gives a Shoutout to Get Licensed

Finally, Harry couldn’t end without giving some love to Get Licensed. “Thank you, I am in debt. They’re a phenomenal company to do your licence with,” he exclaims. “Whatever licence you’re going for, I highly suggest doing it through Get Licensed.”

In conclusion, if you’re still indecisive about choosing the security industry, let Harry Robert’s journey inspire you. From starting with zero experience to guarding high-profile events, it’s clear that the sky’s the limit. Be an opportunist and give in all that you have. Don’t just imagine living a dream life, take action and try to make your dream life possible.

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