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Being made redundant is quite possibly one of the worst experiences that can happen to any employee. With the recent announcement of Pizza Express facing potential closure after financial debts of £1bnand with global travel group Thomas Cook having gone into liquidation resulting in the loss of 9,000 jobs, being made redundant and finding yourself suddenly unemployed is a worrying prospect that many of us may find ourselves in.

Being made redundant with no additional skills

Its very easy to remain comfortable in a job that you have worked in for the past twenty years. While doing the job and performing the same tasks day in and day out may offer financial security and comfortability, what do you do if one day that job no longer exists, and you are left with skills that are no longer relevant and are not transferable to another profession.

For those employees currently working in Pizza Express, the event of the company going into liquidation and potentially ceasing to trade will certainly cause staff to have concerns and anxiety, especially if they find themselves in the situation of not having a job. While many of the waitresses, kitchen staff and restaurant managers may look to remain in the food and hospitality sector and potentially work for rival brands such as Pizza Hut, it may also be difficult to secure job opportunities when there are currently 600 Pizza Express restaurants currently in operation, with staff from all those chains looking to remain in the sector and apply for competing jobs.

Upskilling yourself in the event of redundancy

This is why having a multiple skill set and transferable expertise is crucial to have in the event of redundancy. Why would you put your eggs into one career basket, when you could have a wealth of different sets of skills and apply for multiple jobs in a variety of different sectors.

Whether you are a chef or a waiter, upskilling yourself and acquiring an additional new skill and adding to the skills that you already hold are a sure fire way to not only protect yourself in the case of redundancy, but to also increase your employability and to help you stand out in the job market. So, a trained chef may certainly look good on a CV, but a trained chef with first aid training and a background in front-end hospitality management and a personal licence holder will look far more appealing to any potential recruiters.


Having additional skills will increase your chance of obtaining employment, especially if you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of redundancy where looking for another job is of the essence. So, why be a chef who can just turn dough into pizza, when you can be a chef who can turn dough into career opportunities and not just limit yourself to the kitchen.

Article Name
How Learning A New Skill Can Help You After You Are Made Redundant
With Pizza Express staff facing the possibility of being made redundant, we find out why having additional skills is vital in the event of losing your job.
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