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How Much Can You Make In The Security Industry?

How Much Can You Make In The Security Industry?


In the UK, talking about salary can be very hush-hush. But here at Get Licensed we want to clarify anything you’re unsure about in the security industry and especially, how much you get paid. So, in this post, we’re going to break down what you can expect to earn in different roles in the security industry.

How much do you get paid as a Door Supervisor?

A Door Supervisor’s role is that they are responsible for the safety and security of customers and staff in venues. Door Supervisors usually work in venues such as pubs, nightclubs, bars and other licensed premises or public events.

What are the duties of a Door Supervisor?

Door Supervisors spend the majority of their time checking the suitability of people entering the premises. Their responsibilities also include:

  • Checking if someone is underage
  • Checking if anyone is carrying anything harmful e.g. weapons and drugs
  • Checking if the clothing of entrants does not adhere to the venue’s dress code
  • Turn away people they deem as unsuitable to enter the venue/event
  • Collect tickets from those seeking to enter the venue
  • Deal with conflict inside or outside of the venue.

A lot is expected from a Door Supervisor, and the average national salary is £19,191 according to job search engine Adzuna.  But a Door Supervisor’s salary is not set in stone and is affected by various factors such as location and the skills a Door Supervisor has.

How to earn more as a Door Supervisor?

A Door Supervisor working in London will earn more than one working in Glasgow, due to the higher cost of living. Of course, not everyone can just uproot to another city to make more money, so another way to earn more as a door supervisor is to Get Licensed. Boost your earning per hour potential by gaining a certificate in First Aid or obtaining a qualification in CCTV.  So, if you want to enrich your earnings as a Door Supervisor strengthen your skill set with security qualifications.

How much do you get paid as a CCTV Operator?

 A CCTV Operator’s role and responsibilities include operating and maintaining surveillance equipment, watching live and recorded video surveillance footage, reporting suspicious behaviour and alerting the relevant authorities. CCTV operators can work anywhere but usually work in hospitals, shopping centres, train stations and any other type of establishment.

So how much can a CCTV Operator earn? The average salary for a CCTV Operator in the UK is £26,704 according to Adzuna.

How much do you get paid as a Close Protection Officer?

A Close Protection Officer or better known as a bodyguard is tasked with protecting a person or a group of people. Bodyguards are meant to protect their clients against harassment, kidnapping and attack.

Close Protection Officers are usually hired when there is a threat or potential threat to somebody’s safety. This can vary from protecting a celebrity at a high-profile public appearance or being the bodyguard for a politician who is visiting a dangerous country. Close Protection Officers help to offer peace of mind for those concerned about their safety. Because the clientele of a bodyguard can be extremely wealthy, the salary of a bodyguard can reflect that.

Bodyguards tend to be paid on a contractual basis, so they are essentially self-employed. A daily rate is a norm, and the amount paid depends on the risk factor involved.

Low Risk: National Operations – can have a £300-400 day rate.

Medium Risk: Overseas Operations –  can pay around £400-500 per day.

High-Risk Operations –  can pay around £1000 per day.

Extremely High Risk – can pay £1500 per day.

A Close Protection Officer can enjoy a very lucrative salary, so if you’re interested in being a bodyguard click HERE.

How much do you get paid as a Security Guard?

A Security Guard’s role and responsibility are to maintain a safe and secure environment for customers and employees. They do this by patrolling and monitoring the premises and personnel. Security guards can work in a variety of places such as offices, shopping centres, banks and casinos.

According to Adzuna, the national average salary for a Security Guard is £22,715. Adzuna also reports that the annual salary for a security guard has risen to 2.4% in comparison to the 1% annual change for all jobs. Also, Adzuna states that the number of security guard job advertisements has risen to 7.3% higher than last year.

The Security Guard sector appears to be booming, if you’re interested in being one – click HERE.

Other ways to boost your salary

How much money you can make in the security industry is really up to you. As with most jobs, the more experience you have the higher salary you can demand, and the security industry isn’t any different.

Apart from experience and dedication to the role, you can also get a higher salary when you have more qualifications. The diagram below shows how a security operative salary can increase with additional qualifications.

If you’re interested in taking additional security courses, click HERE. Many people who have built up experience in the security industry have gone on to be security trainers and create their security firms.

According to Adzuna, the national average salary of a security trainer is £37,052. The reality is that with the right mindset, you can achieve a satisfying salary in the security industry.

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