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While the UK economy continues to grow despite ramblings from so called financial experts forecasting doom and gloom post Brexit, the UK is doing better than ever before with more people in work and pursuing entrepreneur opportunities in a capitalist structure that encourages a hard work ethic and perseverance.

But despite the employment boom, spending and saving is still an issue for many of us who look at ways to skimp and save. So, when looking to train for a new skill, what kind of cost should you be looking at to invest your money in?

What is first aid training?

In the UK, employers must make sure there are adequate and appropriate first aid equipment, facilities, and number of qualified first aiders in the workplace. This involves employees training to becoming certified first aiders and to fulfil legal obligations under the Health and Safety at Work act 1974 and satisfy the requirement for “First Aider at Work”.

In most instances the employer will pay for the health and safety training of their staff, however, in other instances employees may be expected to invest in their own training. While it is not mandatory for an entire office worth of staff to be trained in first aid training, becoming a trained and certified first aider is a financial investment to consider. But what exactly do you get for your moneys worth, and how can being a trained first aider benefit you in long term?

What are the long-term investments of being a first aider?

Being a certified first aider can offer many opportunities, the biggest one of course having the ability and skill to provide treatment and handle emergency situations where a work colleague or member of the public may fall ill or injure themselves in an accident. But there are also many other benefits that you may consider, including career opportunities and having a much sought after skill highlighted on your CV which may open up job growth later on down the line if you choose to explore further career options.

How much does first aid training cost?

So just how much does first aid training actually cost, and what do you get for your money? The First Aid Training course, also known as FAW, is an extensive level 3 training course which is part of obtaining the First Aid at Work Certificate. A cost of a course can normally range from £199.99 but this can vary depending on the location and the training provider offering the training.

Delegates who enrol on a first aid training course can expect to cover everything that a first aider may encounter on a day to day basis and should prepare them for every case scenario, ranging from dealing with someone who is having an epilepsy episode, to treating burns or the aftereffects of a head Injury.

How do I become a First Aider?

By enrolling on a First Aid training course, a member of staff can become efficient in providing the necessary first aid treatment in any kind of incident in the workplace. Delegates will learn everything from how to use first aid kits, to how to give CPR. Once a delegate has completed the 3-day Level 3 First Aid Training Course, they will receive a First Aid at Work Certificate.


Article Name
How Much Does First Aid Training Cost?
What is the cost of first aid training, and what are the long term investments of becoming a certified first aider? Find out why a financial investment in first aid training could benefit you.
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