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How to get a security job as a security patrol officer

How to get a security job as a security patrol officer


Considering a security job as a security patrol officer career, but don’t know how to get started? Well, to help guide you through the process, we created this article to inform you of the process involved. 

SIA Licence required

First, you must complete an SIA training course to get your SIA licence. This is a legal requirement for working in security. To work as a security patrol officer, you need either a Security Guard or Door supervisor licence. We always recommend starting with a DS licence over SG as it does give you more career options. 


Security Patrol is an exciting aspect of the security industry. You will be expected to monitor the premises to which you have been posted and you could be part of a mobile patrol depending on how big the building you are protecting is. There may be times when you will have to detain suspects who are trying to breach the compound. These are skills that you will learn during your training. With this role, you should also strive to be physically fit as you will constantly be on your feet and will be tasked with many physical duties while you are on shift.

Earning potential

In this role, you can expect an hourly rate of up to £14.50 an hour. 

Course cost

Both licences cost £190 and are valid for 3 years. 

Once you have received your licence, you can start applying for security jobs in your local area. To do this, simply, download the Get Licensed app available on Apple App Store and Google Play store or use our online jobs board to find security jobs in your area.

We wish you all the best for your future career as a Security Patrol Officer!

Latest Security jobs 

If you have an SIA Door Supervisor licence, and you are looking for work, here are a few of the latest job opportunities available on the Get Licensed app  that you can explore:

Job roleLocationPay per hourJob Details
Mobile Security OfficerRugby£13Mobile Security Officer Rugby  
Mobile Response OfficerLondon£12Mobile Response Officer London 
School Patrol OfficerHigh Wycombe£11School Patrol Officer HP15 
Mobile Patrol OfficerLondon£11Mobile Patrol Officer London 
Patrol OfficerLondon£11Patrol Officer London 
Patrol Officer SOLDNLondon£11Patrol Officer London  
Mobile Security OfficersNW London£11Mobile Security Officer NW 


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