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Learn First Aid And Save Lives With The Updated SIA Certification

Learn First Aid And Save Lives With The Updated SIA Certification


One of the essential parts of being a security professional is keeping the public safe. And it’s entirely possible that while you are doing your job, there might be a need to help someone who has become injured or unwell. Therefore, the Security Industry Authorities has decided that as of April 1st this year, it will require all new security professionals completing the Door Supervisor or Security Guard training course to take an EFAW Course.

Did you know that 140,000 people die each year from first aid incidents that could be prevented if only a first aid trained person were available to help? That’s a huge number of people, and it goes to show that just not enough members of the community have these skills. 

Having this new requirement will help you as a security professional feel a lot more confident about performing your duties. It will help in your personal life as well. The great thing about being first aid qualified is that even when you are off duty, you will have the skills to help save a person’s life, possibly even a loved one’s.

Who needs first aid training and when?

The SIA does not require already licensed professionals to hold this new qualification, but all new members will have to. However, after October 1st 2021, you will need to send in evidence of your first aid qualification when you send off to renew your licence. 

Of course, if you don’t need to renew your licence for another two years, then legally, you won’t have to do anything until then. 

But with the recent changes coming into place, many employers may prefer a person with first aid training. So, don’t get overlooked for jobs in favour of a less experienced person with the first aid element to their licence. The EFAW course takes just one day and costs as little as £79. 

Why the need for first aid training? 

First aid training is necessary for new licence holders because it will:

✅ Keep the public safe

✅ Follow new working practices

✅ Make the best use of new technology

As we’ve explained, just not enough people are first aid trained and because of this, far too many people are dying needlessly.

How do I update my skills?

If you already have passed your door supervisor training, but would like to first aid trained, then the SIA will accept any of the following courses:

✅ Emergency First Aid at Work 

✅ First Aid at Work (FAW)

✅ First Person on Scene (FPOS)

✅ First Response Emergency Care (FREC)

You can choose from the EFAW, a one-day course or a more comprehensive FAW three-day course covering more aspects. Both courses will provide you with all the knowledge you need and are recommended especially for those considering the high-risk sectors. This includes working on the doors of clubs when there can be alcohol and drug-related incidents —where it’s possible you could save a person’s life. 

What skills will I learn?

The first aim of first aid is to sustain life. The second is to help the patient be more comfortable and in less pain while help is on its way. Here are some skills that the EFAW covers:

✅ Ability to assess a first aid situation

✅ Carry out resuscitation

✅ Control bleeding

✅ Manage shock 

✅ Manage bone, muscle and joint injuries

✅ Deal with burns

✅ Maintain first aid kits and records

This addition to the requirements for getting SIA licensed should be welcome by those interested in becoming security professionals. It will equip approximately 300,000 people with the skills to help others in distress. It will also help you have the confidence to know that if you are called upon to help someone in a medical emergency, you can do so in a professional manner. 

Why not get started for free by watching our first aid course video? After watching that, then book your course, so you are up-to-date and ready to help, any place, and any time. 

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