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Lia Taneva in the Security Industry

Lia Taneva in the Security Industry


Exploring Lia Taneva’s experiences and insights as she embarked on her security career with Get Licensed.

Meet Lia Taneva, an inspiring individual who embarked on a career in the security industry by taking the Door Supervisor course with Get Licensed. In this blog, we’ll know about her experiences, from the reasons behind her choice to her valuable advice for anyone considering a similar path.

Choosing the Path of Security

When asked what led her to choose the security industry, Lia shared, “I have a lot of friends working in the industry, so they offered me a job, and this is how I decided to do the course and start working.” In brief, a simple opportunity can lead to a fulfilling career.

The Impactful Trainer

Sharing her experience regarding her training, Lia praises her trainer, saying, “The trainer was wonderful.” Formally, she recalls the initial awkwardness among course participants on the first day, but as the days progressed, it turned into a fun and unexpected experience. Lia truly enjoyed her time and appreciated the companionship that developed during the course.

Support from Get Licensed

Furthermore, regarding her experience with Get Licensed, Lia remarks, “It was quite convenient, everything.” She found the process hassle-free, from registration to receiving essential information via email. Without a doubt, providing convenience and accessibility is necessary when you want to support someone on their new journey.  

Advice for Aspiring Security Professionals

However, for those contemplating a career in security, Lia offers reassuring advice: “Just go for it. There is no way to not find work after that.” She emphasises the value of knowledge and the assurance of job opportunities that follow course completion. Indeed, there is a pool of jobs in the security industry.

Tips for a Successful Exam

Lia’s advice for passing the exam is simple yet effective: “Just give yourself time.” She highlights the importance of dedicating time to study and participating actively in class. Additionally, with skilled trainers at Get Licensed, even those with limited study time at home can succeed with attentiveness in class.

Harnessing the Power of the GuardPass App

Lia found the GuardPass app a valuable resource, especially for newcomers without established connections. She appreciates that it provides details about the industry rates and new job offerings, this can be the starting point for those entering the field. GuardPass can also help individuals find sample mock exams that benefit them with their SIA Licence exam preparation. 

Employment Opportunities

Moreover, one remarkable aspect of Lia’s journey is her quick transition into employment. She shares, “I had it straight away, and since then, I haven’t been without one.” Security offers not just a job but continuous opportunities for networking and career advancement.

Diverse Roles in Security

Currently working in television media, Lia’s role encompasses various responsibilities, from close protection to door supervision. The dynamic nature of security means that no two days are alike, allowing for constant learning and growth. 

Thriving as a Woman in Security

Being a woman in a predominantly male industry hasn’t dispirited Lia. She shares, “I like that my colleagues respect me even though it’s predominantly men in this industry.” Her experience reflects the inclusivity and respect that the security field can offer to individuals from all backgrounds.

Empowering Women in Security

Lia’s message to other women considering a career in security is clear: “Don’t be afraid; you can do it and you will like it.” She encourages women to embrace the industry, highlighting the opportunities and the welcoming environment it provides.

The Get Licensed Advantage

In closing, Lia highlights the importance of choosing Get Licensed for your security course: “If somebody as an employer asks you where you get your badge and your course and you say Get Licensed, they know the company and they know that you have the knowledge.” It’s proof of the quality and recognition that Get Licensed brings to aspiring security professionals.

Lia Taneva’s journey in the security industry is proof of the great opportunities and support available to those willing to embrace this dynamic field of security. Her experiences and insights offer valuable guidance to anyone considering a similar path, showcasing the potential for a fulfilling and rewarding career in security.

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