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Security Industry Membership Organisations

Security Industry Membership Organisations


If you are career minded, and want to move on within the security industry, joining one of the industry membership organisations is a very good idea. There is a common misconception that being a front line security officer is a bar to membership of many of these groups. That is not the case, indeed, in some cases it is a distinct advantage.

Joining any security industry membership body brings with it numerous benefits. Probably most importantly, all will provide a range of networking opportunities, giving you a chance to meet your peers and the industry movers and shakers. They will all provide access to high quality and relevant, reduced rate, or even free, training courses at all levels, and they provide a wealth of knowledge in any area of the industry that interests you. Every organisation has a range of different benefits and features, so I’ll take a look at some of the more popular ones here:

IPSA.(International Professional Security Association)

This is highly welcoming of front line security professionals and is growing rapidly. 

In their own words…… 

The International Professional Security Association (IPSA) is a membership association for individuals and companies working in the fire and security sector. The Association was formed over 60 years ago to ensure professionalism in the management of security operations. IPSA as an established and recognised worldwide professional organisation, provides, in accordance with growing demand, a specialised unrivalled service to industry/commerce. IPSA offers membership to those employed in the security sector and to those companies who supply services or materials used in connection with Fire & Security activities.

The objectives of the organisation are as follows:

  • To SUPPORT front line officers & technicians by promoting their essential role to the wider industry and to government departments.
  • TO ESTABLISH, promote and encourage the science and professional practice of industrial and commercial security and all operations and expedients connected therewith.
  • TO PROMOTE and improve the status of the individual by promoting a close liaison between all members of the security profession, thus making possible an exchange of ideas, knowledge, information and experience in all matters of common interest and mutual concern.
  • TO PROVIDE and to promote a means for maintaining membership of the security profession and to share data, information, ideas, knowledge, methods and techniques for the benefit and improvement of the security profession and its members.
  • TO ESTABLISH, foster and encourage ethical and professional standards of work and conduct for members of the security profession.
  • TO MAKE SURVEYS AND STUDIES, hold on-line forums and on-line training to members of the Association: to foster, promote, encourage and facilitate discussion, study, and research on matters and problems of all kinds connected with security and to share industry news.
  • TO OPERATE and be vocal for the benefit of the industry, commerce and the security professional in general and Association Members in particular…….. “

Find out more at: https://www.ipsa.org.uk/ 

IFPO.(International Foundation for Protection Officers.)

Originating in the US, the IFPO is now making big strides in the UK. It targets front line security officers and supervisors and has a well respected range of courses designed to give officers the knowledge to advance their careers within the security industry. 

They say………. 

The International Foundation for Protection Officers UK is a professional membership association which provides professional learning opportunities for security practitioners, to impart the knowledge, skills, and competencies required to maximize job performance and enhance career potential.

  • Purpose: to make a positive difference in the quality of the participant’s job performance and elevate the professional status of students who partake of our learning opportunities.
  • Business: to supply IFPO members and other committed security practitioners with a quality education to help achieve their highest potential and provide recognized accreditation for successful completion of educational goals.
  • Values: commitment, integrity, responsibility, and standards of excellence, provide the platform that supports our journey as we pursue our mission.
  • Commitment to Excellence: To be the recognized centre of excellence and primary provider of education and training products and services to the security industry.


ASIS UK.(Originally the American Society for Industrial Security, now just ASIS International, to reflect the global reach.)

Here’s what they have to say………. “ASIS International is the preeminent association for security professionals, a global community of more than 35,000 security practitioners, each of whom has a role in the protection of assets, people, property, and/or information. 

  • For almost forty years the ASIS Board Certified and globally recognised CPP, PCI, and PSP qualifications provide objective proof of an individual’s professional knowledge and experience. 
  • Its global conferences include Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific and the US. 
  • The UK Chapter offers unparalleled networking opportunities, quarterly conferences, an award-winning newsletter, free CPD Events and Women in Security and Young Professionals groups. 
  • It is a licensee of the Register of Chartered Security Professionals……….”

To find out more about their UK chapter visit: https://asis.org.uk/ 

GSIP.(Guild of Security Industry Professionals.)

This is a free to join peer support network set up specifically for front line security professionals. Run the dedicated front line security officer and industry improvement campaigner, Micheal O’Sullivan, it is relatively new, but provides some excellent training opportunities. Their website says……… 

“The Guild of Security Industry Professionals is a leading peer support network in the UK, championing continuing professional development (CPD), training and education for front line security personnel. This community driven hub prioritises unity and collaboration, offering a welcoming environment for security professionals to exchanging in knowledge exchange, share experiences, and benefit from mutual support.”  

Find out more here: www.gsip.co.uk/

ISRM.(Institute of Strategic Risk Management.)

If you have any interest in the risk management side of the security industry then this, dynamic and rapidly globally expanding organisation will be for you………. 

The Institute of Strategic Risk Management has been established in order to create a global centre where practitioners, academics and policy makers can come together to share information, help progress and promote the underlying understanding and capabilities associated with strategic risk and crisis management, and develop their own personal and professional networks.”

Find out more about their work here: https://www.theisrm.org/ 

The Security Institute.

This expanding, UK based, membership organisation, attracts industry professionals from all sectors, from cyber to the built environment; from risk management to guarding, and much more. They provide a variety of networking opportunities and boast a dedicated Front Line Security Operations Special Interest Group (FLOSIG) so members with an interest in front line physical security can have their say on a range of issues…………

Since The Security Institute launched in 1999 it has strived to promote the highest possible standards of integrity and professional competence in the security industry, to become the largest UK based professional institution offering professional membership to nearly 5,000 security professionals.

Membership with The Security Institute can certainly assist you to meet your personal and professional goals.” You can see more here: www.security-institute.org.

SIF (The Security Industry Federation.)

OK, so not your usual membership organisation, the SIF is a dedicated trade union for front line security professionals. They have been set up to fight for the rights of officers, fight cowboy employers, and act as a spokesperson for the huge numbers of UK physical security personnel.

What they stand for…………

“The Security Industry Federation represent all of those that work within the UK security industry. We recognise that you are skilled workers having undergone rigorous SIA training, passed exams and put yourself in harms way to protect the public. You are often the first responders and offer vital evidence to the police and partner organisations.

Because of the very nature of your work it is unfortunate that you may find yourself suffering with PTSD and other mental health disorders on top of the stress of justifying your actions, from internal discipline meetings with your employer to civil or criminal court cases.

The Security Industry Federation and our reward partners will offer you expert legal advice, support and continued protection.

See more information on the SIF here: www.sif.org.uk

Wherever your interest lies, and whatever path your career will take, membership of a dedicated security industry trade organisation has many advantages and generally costs very little. They are not just for company CEOs or MDs, you would probably gain far more from getting involved. So, ask around, get some opinions and feedback from members, and fill out that application form!

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