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Why Security Jobs Make Great Post-Lockdown Careers

Why Security Jobs Make Great Post-Lockdown Careers


Lockdown is over. Restrictions have ended. The UK is opening up again. So… now what? Looking for work is never easy, yet security jobs should definitely be on your radar if you’re looking for new career opportunities.

If the last 18 months have taught us anything, it’s that few things in life are as certain as they look. As we come out the other side of Covid-19, there’s one feeling everyone wants to have right now — feeling safe.

Security professionals are the UK’s unsung key workers

The pandemic created names like ‘essential’ and ‘key’ workers. They were the ones who carried the biggest burdens while helping society to move forward.

And it’s safe to say they did a truly incredible job! The UK is back on its feet less than 2 years after the pandemic began. That’s one of the fastest recoveries from a global health crisis in human history.

Yet the people keeping those key workers safe were security professionals like security guards, door supervisors and CCTV operators. They kept social distancing going, prevented crime, protected NHS workers and reassured the public.

And hey — all that online shopping we did during the pandemic? Those warehouses, packed with products worth thousands, all needed protecting. In fact, they still do!

What makes jobs in security worthwhile?

Even though there are almost 400,000 qualified security professionals in the UK today, the industry has a massive staff shortage.

That’s because the UK has left lockdown, but businesses have moved faster than their own ability to hire security professionals. It’s nobody’s fault — they simply didn’t know it was a limited talent pool.

There some other challenges as well. For example, there are plans for UK nightclubs to require guests to show Covid Passes before they can enter. That means even greater demand for door supervisors, as well as extra skills they will need to bring to work, checking those passes.

When you’re job hunting, you want to know you’re getting into a growing industry. After all, Covid-19 taught us that entire sectors can shut down overnight if the situation gets drastic enough.

But everyone always needs security professionals. That’s not changing any time soon — in fact, demand is only getting bigger.

Why now is the best time to work in security

To put it simply, there are more places opening their doors nowadays than there are people to protect them.

It’s a bit more complicated than that, but that’s the basic overview. The private security sector is getting a new level of appreciation from businesses, experts and even politicians.

All of them agree that security professionals have been undervalued for far too long. We couldn’t have made it through the pandemic without them, and we certainly can’t get the UK going again without them either.

Why does that make this a good time to get licensed? It’s because it puts you a step ahead. The UK security shortage is only getting worse. But if you pick a course and begin security training today, you’ll have the pick of the best security jobs on the market — before anyone else!

Connecting you to security training courses all over the UK, Get Licensed is here to make sure you feel confident in your career. Grab our GuardPass app on Apple and Android for added knowledge and advice, and start your next security job on the right track.


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