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Security Personnel – Keeping The Public Safe From Terrorist Attacks

Security Personnel – Keeping The Public Safe From Terrorist Attacks


We are all well aware that a terrorist attack can occur anytime, anyplace. Fortunately, the UK government takes this seriously. So much so that in February 2020, the Government released a new manifesto. A document that spells out the ‘Duty Of Protect’. The actions that owners and organisers of public spaces and events will have to put in place to keep the public safe from terrorist attacks. Before the suggested regulations become law, there will be a public consultation.

Driving the government’s response are the lessons learnt from recent attacks. No one will forget the 2017 Manchester Arena bombing and the fatal knife attacks at Fishmongers’ Hall in 2019 and Streatham in 2020. An increasing need for trained personnel is necessary to manage these very real threats to public safety.

The law will affect the security personnel employed at these venues when fully in place. Where trained personnel, those with SIA licences will play an important part.

What The New Regulations Say

To keep the British public safe, the government wants to introduce a law that offers increased protection that allows these events to continue safely and securely. They are considering introducing

Increased physical security presence

Trained security personnel

Risk assessments 

Incident response plans

Training using mock-up situations 

So, What Does This All Mean For Security Personnel?

For those considering working in the security industry, the new SIA licence, effective from April 1st 2021, is the way forward. The professional training will teach you the skills to confidently work in security. This includes counter-terrorism training, an essential element to learn given the manifesto. Training for the SIA licence equips you with the right skills to move forward as a security officer. With a 90% pass rate and multiple online mock exams that you can try—all you have to do is book your place.

The new SIA door supervisor course also has new compulsory elements such as First aid training. Something employers and agencies of the future will be looking for. 

With the new Duty to Protect law on its way, knowledge of first aid will be essential. First aid training will increase your chances of getting jobs over those who do not have one.

If you already hold your SIA licence, you do not require First aid certification until your licence expires. But, better job opportunities await those who do get the training. A one-day EFAW course will cost £79, but the increase in job opportunities will soon cover the cost. Our partners run these courses at various venues throughout the country.

The SIA Licence training prepares security personnel for working on the ground at venues and events. Liaising with other agencies, like the police, to manage the areas. Observation is a vital skill in security. CCTV cameras are in use to track activities or groups and individuals at events and venues. If you want to improve your career options, now would be the ideal time to get your CCTV licence. Interested? Then check out what a CCTV course offers. 

The Future Is Coming—Be Prepared

Choosing to work in security offers a widening selection of jobs that can become a career ladder if that is what you want. Now, it is time to prepare for your future in the industry—time to get your licence and improve your skills. Be ready for a career in the security industry.

Looking for jobs? 

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