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UK Security Shortage: Need for Recognition

UK Security Shortage: Need for Recognition


The shortage of trained security professionals in the UK is widely known.

As new rules come into effect, people working in the security industry face more challenges than ever. It’s even got the attention of the House of Lords.

People are excited about lockdown ending. Yet everything — from shopping and banking, to pub trips and partying — depends on skilled security professionals to keep the public safe.

Lockdown ending means staying safe

We’ve all heard plenty about staying safe over the last 18 months. Professionals working in the security industry help make that happen.

So why is there a UK security staff shortage?

It’s not like the work isn’t needed — quite the opposite. It can even save lives!


It comes down to a number of reasons. But it’s an issue affecting a huge number of people. There are more security professionals in the UK than police officers, army soldiers, air force and navy personnel combined.

That means almost 400,000 security professionals in the UK. Yet there’s still a staff shortage! Why?

One reason is that the security industry is so easy to take for granted.

You deserve to be recognised

As a security professional — whether you’re a security guard, a CCTV operator or a door supervisor — your job is on the frontline.

You’re there, keeping watch — keeping people calm, just by being present. You know you’ve done your job every time you see a

  • shopper calmly get their groceries and leave the store.
  • clubber have an epic night out.
  • office worker safely move petty cash.
  • shoplifter think twice and put stolen goods back.
  • first aid incident calmly solved.
  • pub fight fizzle out before it can start.

Security professionals work hard. With the right training, they can make the essential difference that keeps people safe.

You can see why a shortage of these workers is worrying people all over the UK!

Security professionals deserve more appreciation

Being good at your security job is great. But how often do you feel thanked for it?

Working on the frontlines means taking more than your fair share of negativity and confrontation.

Of course, people know this when they take a security course. It’s not always an easy job, but it’s definitely a vital one.

It’s no wonder that even politicians are concerned over the lack of recognition security professionals get.

The security shortage has politicians’ attention

Lord Sarfraz recently wrote about his concerns over the UK security shortage. Whatever point of view you have on politics, he makes a lot of valid points.

Specifically, he mentions that the security shortage is due to a lack of appreciation for the work security professionals do. That’s not just about a thank you and a pat on the back for a job well done.

It goes deeper than that. Lord Sarfraz’s article mentions that security professionals

  • deserve much higher wages
  • deserve more rights at work
  • should be celebrated as much as shop workers, nurses and other essential workers
  • deserve more physical protection
  • deserve better mental health support

Better recognition can stop the UK security staff shortage

The demand for security professionals is growing rapidly. Yet with so many concerns being talked about, the security shortage isn’t exactly surprising.

We definitely agree that better pay, better prospects and better appreciation for the amazing work security professionals do is going to go a long way to helping end the UK security shortage.

But change has to start from the ground up. Getting a job in security is definitely a smart move, because it’s a growing industry. A good CV and the right security training course can set you up for success.


Working together for positive change

By all pushing in the same direction, we believe we can help security professionals get the recognition they deserve.

We’re also doing our part to help put an end to the UK security staff shortage. Without security professionals, pubs and clubs can’t open effectively — and the wider risk of crime grows.

Get involved. Get licensed.

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