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They say that transparency and being honest is always a good thing, but when it comes to knowing how much we all get paid, is knowing something sometimes a little bit too much? Well, according to a report in Business Insider, we should all be sharing our payslips with one another immediately.

Writer Meghan Morris, who created a spreadsheet detailing how much work colleagues got paid claims that knowing how much our work colleagues take home at the end of the month can actually make us comprehend our own worth, can help shrink the wage gap in the workplace, and even can result in colleagues negotiating better salaries after grasping that they are getting paid less than their counterparts.

In the article, Morris points to a 2013 study from the University of California at Berkeley which found that more transparency led to higher productivity among employees. But while research points to a more high-yielding working environment when salaries are shared, Writer Todd Zenger of Harvard Business Review points out that sharing what we earn with our work colleagues can create tension within the workplace and is ‘’likely to demoralise as it is to motivate’’.

So, when it comes to waving around your payslip for everyone to see, is there a method in this form of openness, or are somethings better left unsaid and confidential?

Payslip public or too personal?

Would you look at a work colleague in a lesser manner upon realising they are not within your pay scale? Or how about being instantly envious of a co-worker who earns considerably more then you for performing more or less the same duties as you? These are the kind of real-life realities that many workers would find themselves in if sharing what they earn was a requirement. And while no doubt the intentions of being open to how much you get paid is in good faith, the fact of the matter is many workers simply want to keep their financial matters and how much they earn private.

On the benefits of sharing our payslips with work colleagues, one social media user who had read the original Business Insider report sarcastically replied “I think we should all publicise our monthly bank and credit card statements as well.  Everyone’s business is clearly everyone’s business for the sake of transparency”. While another user pondered more about the “deeply rooted and complex emotions people have around money” that could be triggered as the result of sharing how much we earn.

What Get Licensed Says

While sharing how much we get paid and having it visible for everyone to see may sound good in theory, on practice it can open a big can of worms that can cause more problems than it solves, often resulting in bitterness and resentment among work colleagues which we are certain will not increase productivity in the workplace.

Keep your earnings to yourself and know your worth is in the good job that you do.

Article Name
Should We Really Know How Much Our Work Colleagues Get Paid?
Should we keep what we earn to our ourselves, or should we let our colleagues know how much we get paid? Is it better to be private or public with our pay?
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