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SIA training malpractice & the BBC’s report

SIA training malpractice & the BBC’s report


Get Licensed has been, for many years, and continues to be, a beacon of quality in the UK security training sector. For good reason, it is the premiere UK Security Industry Authority mandatory training network. Its drive to improve the industry has been spearheaded by its desire to provide the highest possible training standards for every student across every licence-able sector. 

As has been noted, the article published by Get Licensed earlier this year and the recent BBC File on four documentaries which arose from it, exposing training malpractice and criminality, have been alarming, sadly, not entirely unexpected. However, for quite some time, we have heard many training-related horror stories. It was these shocking reports that led to our initial investigation.

The Dangers of Illegitimate SIA Training and Certification

Furthermore, there are no shortcuts to becoming a licenced Security Officer, and those who pay to circumvent the system are a danger to themselves and all those around them. Certainly, there is no place for these corrupt individuals or the criminal “cowboy” training organisations that serve them. Any company that “guarantees” a pass in any SIA course cannot operate legally. If a training provider offers short or intensive training that results in a course shorter than the SIA-designated duration, they are breaking the law.

Individuals who knowingly pay a premium to avoid taking the required training course must be routed out and reported to the SIA. They face prosecution. Their SIA licence will be suspended, and they may be banned from reapplying to rejoin the industry. And rightly so.

Taking Action Against Incompetence

Everybody can do their bit to help. Any officer that doesn’t seem to know basic security procedures, or has a dangerously poor standard of English must be reported to the SIA. The SIA are aware of the problem and divert more resources to address it, but they can only act on the information they receive. Keep reporting substandard security officers and cowboy training organisations to assist the SIA in enforcement. Without your help, this unacceptable state of affairs will drag on. Eventually every incompetent, untrained Security Officer will receives a licence. As a result, it will make our industry look worse in the eyes of the general public.

Rest assured. Get Licensed guarantees the quality of its training. Every approved training provider is strenuously vetted, continuously assessed, and provided with industry-leading training resources. Certainly, it ensures uniformity in the outstanding quality of the training delivered wherever that training takes place. Any rare non-conformity or poor training allegation is independently investigated, and substandard performance is never tolerated.

We wholeheartedly applaud the BBC for again shining a light on this awful behaviour. We hope it marks a turning point in our industry.

Avoid the cowboys and criminals. Turn to Get Licensed for your training or that of your security staff. The professional Security Officers, produced by Get Licensed approved training, help improve the appearance of the security industry. The reputation of the companies employing them, will be able to protect people and property. Regardless of the circumstances, effectively.

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