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The SIA Launch The #SIAHeroes Campaign To Recognise The Heroes Of The Security Industry

Whether you are a Door Supervisor, Close Protection Officer or a CCTV Operative, anyone that works in the security industry and actively works to protect the public is a hero to us. And it seems that Get Licensed are not the only ones to recognise licence holders’ heroic abilities, as the SIA launch the #SIAHeroes […]

How to Become a Security Manager

How To Become A Security Training Provider

In the UK, the security sector is a six billion turnover industry with over 400,000 licensed security operatives currently working all over the country, but with more people choosing to work in this growing industry than ever before, who will train and prepare the newest batch of Door Supervisors and CCTV Operatives as they protect […]

What should Security Guards learn from The Stanford Prison Experiment?

Will New SIA Code Of Conduct Change The Way Licence Holders Work In The Security Industry?

A new code of conduct is set to change the security sector forever as the SIA looks to change how licence holders work and operate in 2020. The security sector is one of the fastest growing industries in the UK – growing an estimated 11% on average each year and contributing approximately £6 billion towards […]

How to Become a Security Manager

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