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Meet Friat (pronounced Freddie) a newly licensed Door Supervisor working in the bustling area of Waterloo in London. Friat has been a Door Supervisor for only two months but has big ambitions of opening up his own security company one day.

Being newly licenced, Friat is still pretty new to the industry and wants to gain as much experience and training as possible before he realises his dream of employing a team of security professionals. The ambitious Door Supervisor talks us through his first two months in the job, as he gives us his initial impressions of what it is like to work in the security sector and the challenges he has encountered since embarking on his new career.

What’s your favourite part of the job?

My favourite part of my job is keeping people safe. Also helping customers, whether that be with luggage or something like that. To go home, knowing that I have done something to contribute to the public gives me great satisfaction.

How did you find the Door Supervisor course?

It was very easy! At first, I was scared to do the course because it was 4 days and I thought that it could potentially be difficult. And then when I attended the course, it was easy. The trainers taught me everything and after 10 days I got my certificate. After I received my certificate, I paid for my SIA licence which came within a week. Everything was straightforward.

Are you planning to do any additional courses?

Yes! I am also thinking about enrolling onto the CCTV course because my friend just completed the course recently. My friend was telling me how much he enjoyed the course and is now applying to work as a CCTV Operator. So that is my target now, once I save enough money, I will start my CCTV training.

What are your future career prospects?

Back home in my country there isn’t security companies like here in the UK. By completing the SIA courses and working in the security industry, I want to one day open my own security company and employ many other people.

Watch the FULL VIDEO interview exclusively with Get Licensed where the newly licensed Door Supervisor talks us through his initial experience of working in the security industry and his advice for those who are looking to kick-start a career with an SIA licence.

Article Name
The Newly Licensed Door Supervisor Who Dreams Of Opening His Own Security Company
Meet the newly licenced Door Supervisor who wants to gain as much experience as possible before realising his dream of opening his own security company.
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