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While it may be ever so tempting to call in a sickie after a night of heavy festive drinking over the Christmas period, some companies are taking extreme measures to outsmart those boozy employees who think that being hung over in the morning is an excuse not to show up for work.

Chipotle, an American chain of fast food restaurants based in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and France have now devised a way in which drunken workers feeling the worst for wear and those faking an illness will now have to think twice before pleading with their Manager that they have suddenly come down with the flu.

The restaurant chain, which is renowned for its world-famous tacos and mission-style burritos, have now employed nurses on their payroll in a bid to outwit scammers who insist they are sick when they actually are not.

The on-call nurses will connect with employees who call in sick to evaluate if they are truly sick or simply too hungover to get out of bed. If the employee is in fact sick, they are then paid for the day and can resume the day being bedridden. According to Chipotle, the policy was introduced as part of its improved food-safety practices after the restaurant chain suffered a norovirus outbreak among customers in Virginia in 2017 after staff were reporting for duty while physically ill.

What Get Licensed Says

Calling in sick when you are not actually sick can have a devastating effect on business, with both employees and customers feeling the blunt of someone who couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed. Chipotle’s new sickness policy allows staff who are actually feeling ill to chance to recuperate, while making those employees who get too tipsy after a night out think twice before faking a sickie the next day.

Article Name
This Company Policy Will Make You Think Twice Over Calling In A Sickie
The next time you call in a sickie after a one two many the night before, you might want to consider Chipotle’s new sick policy.
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