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Top 10 Questions for Security Job

Top 10 Questions for Security Job


With the GuardPass game-changing new job platform by Get Licensed, you have your pick of the UK’s top SIA-licensed and checked security professionals. 

But, once you have chosen suitable candidates, do you know the right questions to be asking in order to find the best applicant and fit for your company?

Here are the top ten questions you should be asking potential candidates. 

1. What traits do you think are important in a security guard?

Asking your candidate this question allows you to understand how a candidate perceives the role. A great security guard doesn’t have to be The Rock; they need to be calm and confident and able to diffuse situations professionally. They must also be courteous, polite, good communicators and team players. 

2. Are there any qualifications or experience besides your SIA licence that might be useful to the role?

A few candidates shine and have advanced First Aid skills that could be an asset to your company. Some people might have skills in martial arts which could also be a huge advantage in managing violence safely and effectively. 

A car and a clean driving licence are also a plus and can make an employee more flexible and get to work at unsociable times. 

3. Why do you want to join this company?

You should be looking for a candidate who has researched your company. It is the internet age, and any candidate who genuinely wants to work for you ought to know some basic facts such as the size of the company, when it was established and the current CEO. A good answer highlights knowledge of the company as well as being impressed by its reputation. “A company as prestigious as yours would be ideal for my career path, and I’m sure I’d be an asset to your company.” 

4. What are your strengths?

It’s a classic question for many job interviews. Look for answers that reflect what are important strengths for a security guard. Strong traits include handling conflict well, being hard-working and wanting to help others. 

5. What are your weaknesses?

It’s often used to display a positive dressed up as a negative, such as I am too much of a perfectionist. However, a good answer could be a genuine weakness that displays a person’s honesty. For example, a candidate might say I am incredibly nervous about public speaking. Well, that’s fair enough, most people are, and security guards don’t need to speak publicly. So rather than a contrived answer, this can display a candidate’s honesty.  

6. What are your long and short-term goals?

A sensible candidate should have an idea of where they would like to be in 1-2 years and 5 years. So a suitable answer would be, “I’d like to establish myself as a strong team player and, in 5 years, have worked my way up to security manager.”

However, in 5 years, your candidate wants to be running the security operation. If you know that isn’t going to be possible in your company, you run the risk of hiring someone who will leave you in a year because the opportunities they were hoping for clearly don’t exist. 

7. How do you cope with the physicality of the job and long hours?

Being a security guard can be hard work and tiring, so knowing how a person handles this is essential. A good answer might be,” I eat well, go to the gym and have a healthy lifestyle. When working, I ensure I am well rested before and after so that I conserve my energy well.”

8. How do you deal with dangerous situations?

You want a confident candidate to calm a conflict, not escalate it. Good answers include: I have completed training and have experience handling dangerous situations. If you remain confident and calm and be sure to make non-aggressive language, tone and body language, it is possible to avoid violence almost 100% of the time. 

9. How do you work in a team? 

No man is an island, and we all need to work together. What should you be looking for as an employer? A strong answer might be, “I have strong communication skills and know I work well in a team. I enjoy the dynamic nature of a team and believe we can all achieve more when we work together.”

10. Why should we hire you?

This is quite a dynamic question for a security guard role, but it’s still useful. Gold answers might include,” Because I love my role as a security guard, I am passionate about it, making my performance excel. I would, therefore, be a great asset to your team.” 

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