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UK Security Capitals – Areas With Highest Prevalence Of Security Guards

UK Security Capitals – Areas With Highest Prevalence Of Security Guards


There are currently around 160,000 registered security guards in the UK, which equates to one for every 500 members of the UK population. Security guards are vital in creating a safe social environment for the public, from providing emergency assistance to controlling rowdy crowds and so much more.

Whether you are interested in getting your foot in the door or just curious about where security guards are most sought after, we’ve got you covered. Using government data and active job opportunities, we can reveal which areas of the UK are leading the way in the security world.

In addition, we will provide you with some expert advice on how to become a security guard in the hopes that we can inspire you to take your first steps into the industry.

Slough and Heathrow have seen a 53.32% increase in the number of SIA licence holders since 2020, the most significant change of any UK area

To reveal which areas have seen the most considerable increase in qualified security guards, we have compared figures from December 2020 to January 2024. Here’s what we found.

UK SIA licence holders data

1. Slough and Heathrow – 53.32% increase

Given that Slough and Heathrow are located within England’s capital, it may be no surprise that many people here are obtaining their security guard qualifications. However, over the last four years, figures in these areas have seen a 53.32% increase, which is higher than any other location in the UK.

2. Burnley – 50.60% increase

Despite having the fewest SIA licence holders on our top three by quite some margin, Burnley has seen the second-highest increase in this number over the last four years. From 1,417 licence holders in 2020 to over 2,100 as of January 2024, this town is responsible for an increase of 50.60%.

3. Luton – 50.42% increase

Completing our top three list of UK areas with the most significant change in SIA licence holders is Luton. In 2020, this town had almost 6,400 qualified security guards; fast forward to January 2024, this number has risen to over 9,500, the third most considerable increase of any UK area on this ranking.

Change in SIA licence holders in the UK

With 211 crimes per 100 SIA licence holders, Luton has the lowest crime rate for security guards in the UK

The following list reveals which UK areas have the fewest crimes for every 100 security guards based on recent government data.

Lowest number of crimes in the UK

1. Luton – 211 crimes per 100 SIA licence holders

Luton is making its second appearance on one of our rankings concerning the crime rate for qualified security guards. For every 100 SIA licence holders in this area, there is an estimated crime count of 211, the lowest of every UK area on our list.

2. Manchester – 351 crimes per 100 SIA licence holders

Manchester has far more SIA licence holders than the other entries on our top three, but this city falls shy of the top spot when these figures are compared to the number of recorded crimes per year. According to recent data, Manchester has an annual crime count of over 99,400, which equates to 351 crimes per 100 SIA licence holders.

3. Burnley – 522 crimes per 100 SIA licence holders

Burnley’s 2,134 qualified security guards play a big part in keeping its streets safe, evidenced by this town’s entry on our top three. Burnley is revealed to have a crime rate of 522 per 100 SIA licence holders, which is the third-lowest of any UK area on this ranking.

Crimes data in the UK

Bath is the area most in need of security guards, with 3,254 crimes per 100 SIA licence holders

We have revealed which locations benefit the most from security guards, but which areas could use some more? Below is a list of UK areas with the largest number of crimes per 100 SIA licence holders.

Highest number of crimes in the UK

1. Bath – 3,254 crimes per 100 SIA licence holders

Bath has a higher crime rate per security guard than any other area in the UK, totalling 3,254 per 100 SIA licence holders. Of the crimes committed in this area, violence and sexual offences are among the most common, and the presence of more SIA licence holders could help deter these types of criminal offenders in the future.

2. Wrexham – 3,082 crimes per 100 SIA licence holders

Wrexham has the most significant number of SIA licence holders in our top three, but unfortunately,  it is also home to the most recorded crimes. Because of this, this city is responsible for the second-highest proportion of crimes to security guards, amounting to 3,082 per 100 SIA license holders.

3. Isle of Wight – 2,994 crimes per 100 SIA licence holders

With 2,994 crimes per 100 SIA licence holders, the Isle of Wight completes this top three ranking. Located just off the south coast of England, this area is a popular destination for holiday-goers. Still, this island could benefit from more security guards to make it safer and reduce crime rates

Crimes per 100 SIA licence holders

Making up more than 1.7% of all job opportunities in the area, Edinburgh has the largest proportion of security-related jobs in the UK 

After obtaining your security licence, the next thing to consider is getting a job in the industry. The following table reveals which UK areas currently have the most security-related job opportunities compared to all jobs in the area.

Security industry jobs data in the UK

1. Edinburgh – 1.734% 

According to recent figures, Edinburgh is the best area in the UK if you are looking for job opportunities in the security industry. More than 1.7% of all the jobs in this area are security-related, ranging from retail security officers to head door supervisor positions.

2. North Lanarkshire – 1.055%

The next area on our list is North Lanarkshire, in west-central Scotland. Of all the jobs in North Lanarkshire, just over 1% of opportunities are in the security field, the second-highest percentage of any area on our list.

3. Glasgow – 1.013%

Glasgow City has the largest economy in Scotland, making it a hub for jobs of all kinds, and security guards are no exception. When looking at the number of security jobs as a percentage of all jobs in the area, this city has the third highest figure on our list, totalling 1.013%.

Coventry has the best rate of high-paying security jobs on offer, with 58% of these job openings paying more than £40,000 per year

Recent figures suggest that the average annual UK salary is around £34,000, but just like in every industry, some jobs are better paid than others. The table below reveals which areas have the highest percentage of security jobs with a yearly salary of £40,000 or more.

High paying security jobs in the UK

1. Coventry – 57.89%

If you want to earn big bucks in the security industry, Coventry is the best place to be. Of the 19 security-related job opportunities in Coventry, 57.89% will make you more than £40,000, a more significant percentage than any other area in the UK.

2. Sandwell – 52.94%

Sandwell is taking the second spot on this list, with high-paying security jobs occupying 52.94% of all related job opportunities. Currently, 18 security jobs in this metropolitan borough offer an annual salary of £40,000 or more, which is an inviting offer for anyone.

3. Birmingham – 51.43%

51.43% of all security job vacancies in Birmingham offer a yearly salary of £40,000 or more. This English city may have the same number of high-paying security jobs as Sandwell. Still, when this is calculated as a percentage of the total number of all security jobs in the area, Birmingham falls shy of the second spot.

With nearly 696 searches per 100,000 residents, Birmingham is revealed as the UK area searching the most for security jobs

As previously demonstrated, some areas have more job opportunities than others, but which locations are the most curious about security-related job vacancies? The list below reveals which UK areas have the most Google searches for the term’ security jobs’. 

1. Birmingham – 695.8 Google searches per 100,000 residents

Taking the title of the most curious area for security opportunities in the UK is Birmingham. The residents of this English city have Googled ‘security jobs’ almost 8,000 times in the last year, which equates to almost 696 per 100,000 residents.

2. Manchester – 329.2 Google searches per 100,000 residents

Manchester is known for its rich culture in sports and music, but these events are only possible with a strong security team. With this in mind, it may come as no surprise that people in this city have been looking up security jobs more than most, with more than 329 searches per 100,000 residents.

3. Lambeth – 308.7 Google searches per 100,000 residents

Whether people here are looking to make the streets safer or just interested in potential job prospects, Lambeth has the third highest Google searches for the term ‘security jobs’, totalling 308.7 per 100,000 residents.

How can I become a security guard?

If the prospect of helping to keep the public safe from potential threats sounds appealing, then being a security guard could be your calling. Obtaining your security guard license is time-effective and cost-effective, but what exactly is involved? Here’s all you need to know.

Am I eligible?

Security guard positions are open to people with any level of education; as long as you are at least 18 years old and have a right to work in the UK, you are eligible to start the application process.

What skills do I need?

Factors such as the ability to work well with others and good communication skills are essential for any security guard, and the quality of these skills can separate good security guards from great ones.

The fact that no two situations are ever the same makes security guard roles exciting, but this can also be dangerous. Therefore, the ability to think on your feet and adapt to the situation will put you in good stead when dealing with conflict. In addition to this, having good physical and mental fitness will allow you to react quickly to potential danger.

What does the application process look like?

Luckily for prospective security guards, the application process is relatively straightforward. Firstly, you must pass the SIA Security Guard Training Course, which involves three multiple-choice tests and only takes four days to complete.

Once you’ve got that in the bag, the next step is to begin a licence application and complete some mandatory ID checks. After submitting your application, the SIA will run some final background checks and review your criminal record before you can receive your SIA Licence.

It is worth noting that obtaining your Security Guard Licence will set you back £184. However, this fee is well worth the expense as it provides you with a valid three-year licence, assuming that you are successful with the rest of your application.


We used GOV.UK to find the number of SIA licence holders in December 2020 and January 2024 for each UK area.

We used ONS data to find the number of police-recorded crimes in each area as of September 2022.

By dividing the number of recorded crimes by the number of SIA license holders and multiplying this by 100, we calculated the number of crimes per 100 license holders in each area.

Using ONS data, we created a seeding list of the top 50 UK authorities based on estimated population figures.

Using Indeed, we found the total number of jobs in each area. By searching ‘security’ and filtering the results to those within a 15-mile radius of each area, we also found the number of security jobs in each local authority. Using the same method but adding the filter of ‘£40,000+’, we found the number of high-paying jobs in each local authority. Data was collected on 06/02/2024.

We divided the total number of security jobs by the total number of jobs and multiplied this by 100 to calculate the percentage of security-related jobs for each area.

To calculate the number of high-paying jobs in each local authority, we divided the number of jobs with a salary of £40,000+p/a by the total number of security jobs before multiplying this by 100.

We used Google Ads Keyword Planner to find the total number of Google searches for the term ‘security jobs’ between Jan 2023 and Dec 2023. We divided the total number of searches by each area’s population and multiplied this by 100,000 to calculate the number of Google searches per 100,000 residents.

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