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So, you have completed your heavy goods vehicle training and are now ready to hit the road and kick-start your career as licensed HGV Driver. But with so many delivery and logistics companies to choose from it can sometimes feel that finding the right employer to work for is a job within itself.

Do you choose a company that has great employee benefits and perks or sign on the dotted line with an employer that will ensure you get a decent wage at the end of the month? While we all have different priorities in terms of what we are looking for in the perfect job, we think its safe to say that salary and how much we get paid is ultimately the deciding factor when choosing where to work.

So, we here at Get Licensed have scouted the internet to bring you some of the best delivery and logistic companies in the UK and the amount of money you can expect to earn with them as a licensed HGV Driver.


Where can I find HGV Job Vacancies?

HGV Driver vacancies are popping up everywhere online. We recommended checking out Indeed and Total Jobs.

What Get Licensed Says

Beginning a career as a licensed HGV Driver after completing your heavy goods vehicle training can be daunting, especially when there are so many different delivery and logistics companies to choose from. We hope that by giving you an estimate of how much you could potentially earn as a delivery driver, you will find the right company and ease on down the road with a salary that meets your needs.

Article Name
What Are The Best Delivery And Logistics Companies To Work For In The UK?
With so many delivery companies to choose to work with when getting your HGV licence, finding the right employer can seem easier said than done.
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