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A boss can be the difference between enjoying your job and bitterly handing in your notice, so what are the qualities that we look for in good leadership and management? American analytics and advisory company Gallup claim that having the wrong manager in a job can not only create bad moral within the workplace, but can also potentially cost businesses billions, as they reel from the effect of a bad recruitment decision, with half of all employees saying they have left a company because of a bad boss

But can a bad boss really create colossal carnage in the workplace that it negatively effects both employees and the business? Well actually, yes, they can. Whether we like it or not, a manager has the power to single handily make or break the culture within the workplace, and the style, tone and leadership style that they implement really does matter.

According to Amanda Goodall of the Financial Times, a boss is “a key determinant of job satisfaction, employee retention and individual productivity”. So, what are the good and bad qualities that make a manager? We’ve come up with a few of our own.

Late to the party

We have all experienced that feeling of complete dread when we rush into the office ten minutes late after another morning of severe delays, as we anxiously await scolding from the manager, who gazes upon us with an intensified stare of disapproval. But as our mental health deteriorates as we sacredly sprint to the office with fear of the repercussions of arriving late, does a good manager really need to be so harsh when it comes to time keeping?

As the work environment evolves, and more people operate out of the traditional nine to five mould, arriving ten minutes to your desk really shouldn’t matter, in fact, in the long-term run, who really cares. The work an employee does should be reflected in the work that they produce, and not the number of hours that they stay behind in the office. A good manager will understand this, and be lenient and understanding with staff, as they work more on a flexi rota basis. A manager who leers over their watch and penalises employees when they arrive a minute late through the threshold really shouldn’t be in the role of management, but maybe as time keeper on the pitch instead.

kim jong-boss?

Is micromanagement really a thing in 2019? Well apparently, it would seem that there are those managers out there who thinks that being a good manager involves doing the work of the employees that they hire. And in essence that’s really what micromanagement is all about. It is having the inability not to trust the staff and team that have been hired and selected for their skills to actually perform the task in which they have been employed to do. A manager who feels the need to avidly closely observe and subordinate his team, is probably the kind of narcissistic control freak who would be best at running a communist state instead.

What Get Licensed Says

A boss who allows their staff to work independently and to flourish creatively will quickly discover a productive team who happily produce results. The art of management doesn’t have to be about control, but having the ability to set the tone in creating a work environment that really does work for everyone.

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What Makes A Good Boss?
What are the qualities that make a good boss, and can those in management make or break the company culture? Find out what it takes to lead a workplace to success.
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