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What salary can you get working in the construction industry?

What salary can you get working in the construction industry?


The construction industry is the most exciting its ever been. It’s an industry where one day you could be working with flying drones or laser technology. Apart from being innovative, being a construction worker could see you building a sports stadium or theme park. We know that the construction industry presents those in it with thrilling opportunities, but money matters. So, how much do you really earn as a construction worker? Lets find out…

Site Manager Salary

A Site Manager or sometimes called a Construction Manager or Site Agent is the person in charge of the construction site. Site Managers are required to keep within the timescale and budget of the construction project. They are supposed to monitor and prevent any delays or problems that take place on the construction project.

The site manager is responsible for supervising what happens on the site and to ensure that operations are completed safely and adhere to industry standards.

The responsibility of a site manager varies. For a smaller site, the site manager will have responsibility for the whole project. For a larger site, a site manager will be responsible for a section and report to a senior or project manager.

The site manger’s role also heavily involves conducting health and safety checks and inspection of work carried out.

The site manager’s role carries a lot of responsibility but does their salary reflect that? According to hiring platform Totaljobs, the national average salary for a construction site manager is £52,500. This salary is also considerably above the national average.

After working in the construction industry for a while, to become a site manager you need to complete a qualification. A course you could take is the Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS). It takes five days to complete and you will receive an accredited qualification which will last you 5 years. This course covers all the relevant legislation and other aspects which affect safe working in the construction industry. The course also looks at risk assessment, control measures, and health and safety practices. Being a site manager sees you in a senior role in the construction industry, but you will need to Get Licensed to attain that responsibility.

If you want to level up as a Site Manager and be seen as a major asset to employers, obtain your Black CSCS Manager Card. This card is meant for those who have a high skill set and managerial experience within the construction industry.

Site Supervisor Salary

Just below the role of a Site Manager in the hierarchy is a Site Supervisor, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t a rewarding and senior role. The site supervisor’s role involves the management and supervision of the construction site. The site supervisor ensures that health and safety guidelines are met on the construction site, and they are responsible for assessing hazards, determining risks and they conduct regular inspections and maintain a safety programme.

According to online job board TotalJobs, the average salary for a site supervisor is £37,500 and can range to up to £51,926. There is a lot of earning potential working as a site supervisor, and if you want to reap those benefits it’s imperative that you Get Licensed.  If you are seeking to become a site supervisor after working in the construction industry then you should take the Site Supervisors’ Safety Training Scheme(SSTS) course.  The SSTS course covers health and safety on-site, welfare and environmental issues and a lot more those in supervisory roles need to be aware of.

Construction Worker

A Construction Worker or labourer plays a crucial part in the operations of a construction site.  The construction worker reports to the construction manager and has to carry materials and supplies from the trucks to the construction site so they are ready for installation or other tasks. Construction workers also test equipment and machinery to ensure it is in good working order. At the end of the working day, construction workers also clean up the job site and ensure all equipment is properly secure for the night.  Construction workers can also specialise in skills such as carpentry, electrical work, plumbing and anything else required by the construction manager.

Construction workers can be paid hourly or daily, and their national average salary is £38,367 according to job search-engine Indeed. If you want to become a construction worker, it is highly recommended that you get a CSCS card. Although CSCS cards are not legal requirements, you will be unable to work at most construction sites without one. There are 12 CSCS cards in total and each one shows the competency of a construction worker. If you want to maximise your earnings as a construction worker, then you need to get your CSCS card. If you’re starting out in construction, get your Green CSCS Labourer Card. If you’re an experienced construction worker, then you should get your Red CSCS Experienced Worker Card. Here at Get Licensed, we can help you get a range of CSCS cards so you can get the best out of your construction career (and paycheque!).

Crane Operator Salary

A Crane Operator role is pretty self-explanatory because they are responsible for operating a mobile crane. Crane operators use the crane to lift, move, position and reposition loads. The operator controls the crane’s functions and is required to unload crane accessories from trailers or support vehicles.

According to Adzuna, the average salary of a crane operator is £27,573. Also, in Adzuna’s salary stat checker it says that the year-on-year pay of a crane operator has risen 4.2% compared to an annual change of 1.0% for all jobs.

In order to become a crane operator, you need to obtain a Crane Licence.

Forklift Operator Salary

A Forklift Operator drives an industrial truck and is a specialist in warehouse transportation. Their main responsibilities include loading and unloading warehouse material and deliveries. Forklift operators also move materials from storage areas, machines, and loading docks, into railroad cars or trucks or storage facilities.

According to job search engine Adzuna, the average salary for a forklift operator is £20,766. To become a forklift operator, you need to complete forklift training. A licence is not necessarily needed to operate a forklift but you will need to receive a certificate which is commonly referred to as a Forklift Licence. Operating a forklift, sees construction workers working with exciting technology. Don’t delay and make sure you Get Licensed so you can embark on this new exciting stage of your career.

Want a career in the construction industry?

So, if you’re ready to build your future in construction then it’s time for you to Get Licensed.

*All national average salaries are correct as of May 7th 2019

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