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When applying for an APLH Personal Licence, you will notice there are different courses and licence types. In this post, Get Licensed will explain the difference between the Personal Licence courses and licences and which one you should take depending on your eligibility or your circumstances.

Which Personal Licence course should you take if you live in England and Wales?

For those who live in England and Wales, you should take the Personal Licence course which is also known as the APLH.  The Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders, also known as the APLH Licence, is the basic requirement for obtaining a Personal Alcohol Licence and selling alcohol within a retail environment. Once you’ve obtained the APLH licence, you will not need to renew it.

Which Personal Licence course should you take if you live in Scotland?

The licensing laws in Scotland are very different to the ones in England and Wales.  The Scottish Personal Licence is also known as the SCPLH and allows an individual to supervise, or authorise the sale of alcohol in Scotland.

To obtain a Scottish Personal Licence, candidates need to hold the Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders (SCPLH) qualification. To qualify, candidates must attend the one day course and pass the multiple-choice exam.

The Scottish Personal Licence needs to be renewed. To renew your Scottish Personal Licence, the licence holders must attend refresher training every 5 years. The refresher training is done to ensure that they have up-to-date knowledge of the subject matter.

Licence holders need to apply to renew your Scottish Personal Licence every ten years. To renew your SCPLH candidates will need to make an application to your local council and provide the refresher training certificate.

Which Personal Licence course should you take if you are a busy person?

One of the great things about getting a Personal Licence qualification is that it can also be done online.  If you’re a busy person and have a tight schedule you can do the Personal Licence course online and you are taught the same thing as in the classroom. You can complete the online Personal Licence course in your own time and whenever you want.

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Get Licensed offers each type of Personal Licence course to not only suit your preference but what you are eligible for. So, don’t delay and book your Personal Licence course with Get Licensed today.

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Which Personal Licence course is right for you
When you start to look for an APLH Personal Licence course, you will notice there are different types. Here, Get Licensed lets you know which one you should take.
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