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Social media and what we post, share and tweet on our online profiles can be detrimental in our careers and can be the difference between being headhunted and being left on the social network scrapheap. So, when it comes to Facebook and Twitter, is it time that we gave ourselves a digital detox from social media all together?

Andrew Whitford, co-founder of Removify, an Australian start-up that allows individuals and businesses to have negative content permanently removed from the internet, says that cleaning up your social media content is essential in ensuring that recruiters and potential employers don’t come across something that may damage your character and your professional reputation, and ultimately end up costing you a job opportunity.

But will recruiters and prospective employers actually spend time digging for dirt on your social media pages? Actually, yes, they will. Multiple studies have shown that 75% of employers rigorously research and screen candidates online, with more than 70% deciding not to hire a candidate based on what they have uncovered on a candidates Facebook, Twitter or Instagram profile.

When preparing for an interview or making yourself available for job opportunities, you should always consider cleaning up your digital footprint first. Here are a few sure-fire tips to help you clean up your social media act.

Keep your social media private

First things first, put your social media profiles on private. As simple of a thing this is to do, you would be surprised over the amount of people that leave their Facebook wide open for everyone to see. A recruiter or employer won’t see those embarrassing intoxicated photos of you doing suggestible acts to an inflatable shark if they can’t gain access to your social media account in the first place. Keep it private for only your close friends and family to see.

I spy with my digital eye

Speaking of which, when it comes to who we add and follow on our social media profiles, do you really know who you have on your friend list? A much-required spring clean of your followers on social media is recommended in weeding out close friends and family members, to work colleagues you trust as far as you can throw them. Remember, even when you think your posts are safe from your boss, a colleague might be able to forward it to them.

Free speech on social media?

It isn’t just head-hunters and recruiters who scrupulously scan through our social media profiles, as your current employer can also make a habit of checking in on your Facebook or Twitter from time to time to ensure that your online behaviour does not conflict with the company’s public image. The kind of unacceptable activity that could get you in trouble with your current employer can range from mocking customers to writing about a member of staff who you loathe, and can come with severe consequences such as being handed your P45.

What Get Licensed Says

social media is a depiction of you and your character which is why recruiters and employers can use it against you. What Colour Is Your Parachute author Richard Bolles states that “Google is the new resume” which is why it is vital that your online image reflects your personal one. Remember that what you share online is seen and read by many people.

So, be careful what you post and share on social media, you never know who may see it.

Article Name
Why A Social Media Digital Detox Could Rescue Your Career
While posting everything on social media may seem fun at first, there could actually be a price to pay for sharing too much information online.
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