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Women in SIA Security

Women in SIA Security


Did you know that female police officers in England and Wales make up 31.2% of the force, according to recent data? Yet when it comes to the security industry, women make up a lowly 11%. 

So what happened to girl power when it comes to the security industry, ladies?

Police forces know all too well that women make up a highly valuable part of the force. Sometimes, there are tasks that can only be done by female police officers, such as searching a female suspect. And then there are times that while a man could also do that task, high-ranking police officers know that female police officers can do a far better job. Female police officers are used in many areas of policing, especially when there is a crime of a sexual nature, and the victim is a woman. And women police officers do not need a male partner. It’s often the case that two female police officers are teamed together on the beat. They make up a good team and can be less threatening and more calm yet assertive than male officers. 

So why is it that the numbers for female security guards are still so low? 

The reason is that several misapprehensions are still believed when it comes to the security industry. Many years ago, the police force boosted their female recruitment by letting potential women recruits know that certain things are just not true. Things such as these:

1 You have to be strong like a bodybuilder

No, you don’t. You should be physically fit just like female police officers, but you do not have to be super strong. 

2 It’s a man’s job 

There’s no such thing unless you believe it. Of course, it is true that women, as a generalisation, prefer certain jobs. Women have a caring and nurturing nature, and many naturally prefer other industries. But generalising is just that. Not all men or women are the same. There is always an opportunity for you as a security guard if you think you would enjoy the role. I mean, if it’s not for you, then OK. But many women relish the opportunity. If you like meeting people and handling conflict, then it might just be for you. In terms of handling conflict, women tend to do this on a daily basis, anyway. In fact, if you are a mum, you’ll be a dab hand at dealing with arguments and conflict in a calm yet authoritative way that gets results. 

3 I’m too short

No, you’re not. In fact, many years ago, the police force faced a problem with their recruitment. They were desperate to recruit more Asian women to the force but found that many want-to-be Asian female police officers were shorter than their height requirements. Thus, they have removed minimum height requirements over the years to allow shorter women to join the force. You can be a female police officer even if you are a tiny 4 feet 10 inches. The same applies to working in security. There are no minimum height requirements, and being short has its advantages. For sure, being short does have its disadvantages in everyday life and society. Shorter can but doesn’t always equate to smaller and weaker. But if you are teamed with a taller male security guard, you could make up part of the dream team. 

So what are the advantages? It’s a case of just turning disadvantages on its head. First of all, we are part of a society that while it’s perhaps considered OK to land a punch on a man (which it isn’t), hitting a woman is a whole different ball game. And hitting a tiny woman is one of the worst things a person could do. Hence, if you are working in security as a woman and think you are in danger, it’s highly unlikely you will be hurt.

In addition, women and, in particular, small women are considered to be the least threatening members of society. While a buffed-up male security guard looks especially threatening, a tiny woman offers the opposite advantage. A significant part of security work is managing conflict and de-escalating potential problems. 

A small woman has usually learned that they cannot deal with situations physically throughout their lives. But that usually means they are masters of negotiation. And can often deal with situations in far calmer and smarter ways than taller men and women. 

So don’t think if you are a short female security guard, you won’t be hired, far from it. Employers are looking for you. 

So what attributes make a great female security professional?

  • physically fit 
  • keen communication
  • observational skills 
  • decision-making abilities.
  • honest 
  • dedicated to keeping people safe

The other great things about getting into the industry are that you are in demand, and it’s quick and easy to get qualified. 

Just think, with only 11% of the security professionals being female, you are needed. Employers are crying out for female security guards as they are necessary for certain tasks and dealing with female customers. For example, a man cannot search a female customer, and he certainly can’t go into the ladies’ toilet. As such, there will be absolutely no shortage of jobs for you. 

Get qualified now 

And you can get qualified by taking a short course of only 4-6 days. Courses are up and down the country in more than 85 locations, so there’s no need to travel. And the price of the course and a new career is from £180 for the course and £190 for the licence. Plus, you could take advantage of the Get Licensed summer sale and get a £60 discount on your course. So, what are you waiting for, ladies? Let’s get the security industry the girl power it so desperately needs! 


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