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Your Guide to Being a Top Door Supervisor This New Year’s Eve

Your Guide to Being a Top Door Supervisor This New Year’s Eve


Working as a Door Supervisor on New Year’s Eve? You’re in for a wild ride! It’s like being in the middle of a big, noisy storm, but you’ve got to keep your cool – you’re the one with the SIA Badge, after all.

New Year’s Eve is always packed with parties, champagne popping, and everyone counting down to midnight in clubs and bars everywhere.

But when things get a bit too wild, what’s it like being the Door Supervisor in charge of it all? And how do you handle the craziness? Here are some handy tips for staying sharp and getting through the night.

Handling Drunk People on New Year’s Eve

Drunk people can be funny, but they can also be a handful when you’re working the door. On New Year’s Eve, it’s all about finding the right balance. If someone’s had too much to drink, it might be easier to chat with their friends instead. They can help calm them down or switch them to water or juice.

If someone drunk starts causing trouble or making you feel unsafe, get your security team to help. Keeping it friendly but firm is the key.

Remember, no one wants to be stuck outside while their friends are partying inside.

Communication with your fellow door supervisors is crucial.

Being a Responsible Door Supervisor

Speaking of responsibility, a great New Year’s resolution is to help out those who’ve had too much to drink. If you have to send someone out of the party, try to make sure they get home safe. If their friends won’t help, calling a cab or using an app like Lyft or Uber can be a big help.

As a door supervisor, you have a responsibility to help people get home safe.

Having Fun While Working

Yes, you’re there to keep things safe and secure, but it’s New Year’s Eve! You can still have a bit of fun. The party vibe, the excited people, and the whole atmosphere – you’re a part of that too. So, feel free to share a laugh and some jokes, just keep an eye on things.

From all of us at Get Licensed, have a safe and awesome New Year’s Eve! Here’s to a successful 2024.

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