Plumbing Licence: Blue CSCS Card

A Plumbing Licence, or Blue CSCS Card, allows the holder to legally work as a plumber in the United Kingdom.

What is the Plumbing Licence?

The Plumbing Licence example of blue cscs card plumbing licenceenables individuals to legally work as plumbers. The licence comes in the form of a Blue CSCS Card or Skilled Worker CSCS Card. CSCS cards are issued as part of the Construction Skills Certification Scheme and are valid for 5 years. The scheme aims to maintain safety on construction sites and in the workplace generally. To acquire a CSCS card, you must complete health and safety assessments. A career in plumbing can be fulfilling and puts you in control of your working life. 


How do I apply for a Plumbing Licence?

Training Course for the Plumbing Licence

Cost of the CSCS Card

Plumbing Licence Renewal