CCTV – where did it all begin?

Take a second to look around you, can you see a camera? If not, look a little harder. Are you sitting on public transport while you are reading this? Check again, we bet you there is a CCTV camera monitoring … Continue reading

Why is the review of the Security Industry Authority (SIA) important for everyone in the security industry?

On January 11th 2016, it was announced that the Home Office would be initiating a Periodic Substantive Review (PSR) (review) of the Security Industry Authority, more commonly known as the SIA. Back in 2010, when the coalition government was voted in, the authority … Continue reading

First Aid: The 5 myths everyone should be aware of.

Unpleasant as it may be, it’s a fact that personal injuries happen on a daily basis. At Get Licensed we firmly believe that First Aid should be compulsory in schools and workplaces in England and Wales, however this is currently not … Continue reading

Meet the trainers from ‘Training For Security': How to swap the doors for the classroom.

In an article about happiness at work, Harvard professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter suggests that the happiest people are those who are solving the hardest problems and “making the difference” in society. If you are working as a Door Supervisor or … Continue reading

MPs warn that Donald Trump is a threat to UK security… Do you agree?

Ahhhh, Donald Trump; the self-made politician. As the American election looms, Donald Trump and his absurd policies have been dominating the news headlines as of late. However, recently MPs in the UK have protested that Donald Trumps’ farcical comments concerning … Continue reading