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security guards

DRUGS! 8 Things All Door Supervisors Must Know

Drugs are an undesirable reality to society. Door Supervisors that are exposed to this, need to be well immersed in all matters relating to drugs to execute the necessary measures. For all door super…
door supervisor

8 Ways for Door Supervisors to Cope with Stress

Remember when you first started your door supervisor training? You were excited about your new career, and rightfully so. What you may not have realised is that your job is unique in the sense that it…

CCTV: Past and Present

From monitoring crowds of people and traffic on busy roads to being the extra set of eyes in police investigations, closed-circuit-television (CCTV) has become an important part of security in the pre…
alcohol licensing

5 Mistakes New Pub Owners Must Avoid to Survive

The UK is not short of pubs. If you want yours to survive, it’s going to take a lot of dedication and innovation. While there are many customers ready to buy a pint from you, you may want to keep yo…
alcohol licensing

7 Mental & Social Benefits to Being a Barman

It’s not exactly every parent’s dream to hear their child’s decision to become a barman. As a former barman myself, I can honestly say that it was a job I accepted because I needed quick money a…
personal licence

7 Study tips for Obtaining Personal Licence

If you want to get licensed to sell alcohol, we have a personal licensing course you can book online right now. As you can imagine, you will be required to write a test at the end of this course, so i…
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