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How to open a pub and make it a success

Are you thinking of making that move in the hospitality trade and taking the plunge and opening your own pub? It can be a daunting process but our guide on how to open a pub will help you make it a s…
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The most exclusive clubs from around the world

Have you ever been out and really felt the need for a personal barber? How about a cigar tasting dinner? What about an external venue to store your personal wine collection? Neither have we to be ho…
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How to apply for an SIA Licence

So you’ve passed your security guard or door supervisor course and you’re ready to apply for your SIA licence. The process can appear a little bit daunting but don’t worry, we’…
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4 Ways to Pay Less for Your SIA Training

As you may already know, Get Licensed lists SIA courses from the highest quality training providers in the UK. Many individuals who have a passion for protection, have flowed through our booking syste…
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