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security guard

Manchester Bombing: Staying Safe in the Aftermath

On the 22 of May 2017, at the end of an Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena a suicide bomber detonated an improvised explosive device killing himself and 22 others. Another 120 were reported…
crowd management

5 Different types of crowds doormen need to manage

Your life as a doorman is fast paced and exciting. Every day offers you different people and situations to handle. While you know you’ll never become bored, you can still improve your working experi…
pay raise

8 signs that you’re ready to ask for a raise

Most of your time as a doorman will be spent on your own doing your job. You’ll be guarding your employer’s premises, escorting people in & out of the building, and keeping uninvited people ou…

CCTV: Past and Present

From monitoring crowds of people and traffic on busy roads to being the extra set of eyes in police investigations, closed-circuit-television (CCTV) has become an important part of security in the pre…

CCTV – where did it all begin?

Take a second to look around you, can you see a camera? If not, look a little harder. Are you sitting on public transport while you are reading this? Check again, we bet you there is a CCTV camera mon…
personal licence

7 Study tips for Obtaining Personal Licence

If you want to get licensed to sell alcohol, we have a personal licensing course you can book online right now. As you can imagine, you will be required to write a test at the end of this course, so i…

8 tips on choosing your next bartender

If you’re in a position where your establishment is growing and you can afford to hire new staff, what should you be looking out for in bar staff? The hiring process can be a frustrating one. You al…
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