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How to apply for sia licence

Step by Step guide to apply for your SIA Licence

What is an SIA Licence and why do we need it? Anyone who wishes to work in the UK security sector as a Door Supervisor, Security Guard, CCTV operator, or Key Holder must obtain a SIA Licence. The lega…

Immediate Changes To SIA License Applications

Starting tomorrow on the 23rd of July changes are coming into place regarding the way you apply and renew licenses with the SIA. From 6th July you will be able to register for online accounts, apply f…

Will the new security threat to the UK be drones?

The popularity of drones has skyrocketed over the past year. These free flight ‘aeroplanes’ allow people to take incredible photos, conveniently and safely deliver packages and Shell even…

How to stay safe this Black Friday!

It’s Black Friday – the day of the year where all inhibitions are cut loose for discounted TV’s and half-price tat. Unlike us, some of you will be valiantly braving the shops today t…

CCTV – where did it all begin?

Take a second to look around you, can you see a camera? If not, look a little harder. Are you sitting on public transport while you are reading this? Check again, we bet you there is a CCTV camera mon…

Is the UK ‘One Nation Under CCTV?’

It’s a well-know fact that nearly every city in the World uses public video surveillance as a primary tool to monitor population movements, to prevent crime and to prevent terrorism. It’s seen as …
premises licence

Premises Licenses, What You Need To Know.

What Is A Premises Licence? A Premises License is granted by a Licensing Authority to permit one or more licensable activities to take place on the premises. Premises do not have to be a physical buil…

Train Them Up: Keeping Your Staff in The Know

So, you’re the owner/manager of premises licensed to sell alcohol. Your restaurant/bar/pub may also be a very successful and popular one, thanks to all the hard work you put in. And of course, thank…
personal license

What is a Personal License?

The Personal License Explained A Personal License is issued by Licensing Authority and enables that person to sell or authorise the sale of alcohol in accordance with an appropriate Premises License. …