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SIA Course in Portsmouth

SIA Course in Portsmouth

Portsmouth is England’s most densely populated city and is becoming ever more popular as a new generation of people discover its delights. Attracting students, history buffs (many coming to see the restored ships for which the naval city is revered) and numerous sports fans Portsmouth is establishing its reputation as a place to visit knot only for its historical delights but also a growing number of music and sporting venues, bars, pubs and shops as well as a growing number of other attractions which are beginning to attract visitors from the breadth of the UK.

The growing number of people visiting and staying in the city as well as those who arrive just to have a good time is an undeniable positive for the city in general and to the spots mentioned in particular, however this positive brings with it a negative. This is of course the inescapable truth that wherever huge groups of people congregate, there will be someone ready and willing to help themselves to the belongings of other people, or prepared to cause trouble for their own amusement. This inevitable exploitation of the increasing crowds in Portsmouth means there exists a constant demand for security professionals who wish to work to protect the security of people in a public setting.

Opportunities for security professionals flourish wherever there are people with trouble-making intent. Finding training to work in the private security and protection industry can be one of the best ways to find employment due to the sad fact that crime never will go out of fashion or suffer an industry-wide crisis of confidence. Even while recession bites, there will sadly be people devoted to causing difficulties for others, and a need for professionals who can work against them.

There is a long list of SIA training courses available in the Portsmouth area for people looking to gain employment in security. These courses help attendees gain competence to fill a number of roles in the industry, and a full understanding of the principles of security provision. These courses cover such a broad syllabus that those who qualify at the end can be considered to have well and truly deserved their success. This also reflects that the person who has achieved it has a complete understanding of the many issues that characterise their chosen field of employment. Some people will not understand why an individual seeking a position in a security role should need an understanding of Civil or Criminal Law or Licensing Law, but the truth is that security work will expose you to such a variety of situations that the SIA training is required to cover an equally broad range.

And it is for these reasons that SIA training has such a broad remit. In a city like Portsmouth there will, undoubtedly, be a fear of crime, with criminals often seeking to benefit from the opportunities that busy city life presents to disappear into large crowds of people. To address this a dedicated network of qualified security professionals is needed, particularly CCTV experts, Security Guards and Door Supervisors. SIA training, which is compulsory in all of these sectors of the Security Industry among others, teaches a global approach to the protection of individuals’ security, defence of private property and a relaxed atmosphere. Though the war against crime is not one that can ever really be won, quality training will make sure that a number of the battles will be. Through their courses, the SIA seeks to provide people with that exact service.

At the end of the SIA training course, candidates step into an industry where work can be surprisingly easy to come by. When you think of the sheer volume of clubs, pubs, museums, shops and other places with high public appeal, and then calculate that each of these will require coverage from at least a few members of security staff, it becomes clear just how many security personnel are required to keep the city’s social life going smoothly. With so many public spaces open to such a large volume of people, and the desire from some people to create problems comes evidence that there will always be opportunities for security workers – a situation which is as prevalent today as it always has been. There are jobs with higher salaries, but few of them have the flexibility of security work on multiple shifts, or the chance for so many hours. Once you have been in the industry for a time, there is scope for further career advancement should you win yourself a reputation for being a trustworthy, reliable security worker.

Check out your local SIA training providers today and you can be on your way to qualifying in as long as it takes to make a phone call. An SIA licence applies nationwide, so if you qualify in Portsmouth there is nothing to stop you seeking work in the security industry elsewhere within the UK. One thing you can be sure of is that with SIA training, you will always be qualified for a vacant position somewhere in the country if you’re free to travel.

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