Sales Skills

The course starts with the basic rules for sales people. It covers cold calling, how to deal with gatekeepers and takes you through a typical face-to-face meeting. It then discusses how you can sell by stressing the results prospects can expect if they buy, and how best to play to their emotions. It then finishes off by covering negotiations and how to avoid them and includes some methods for closing a sale.

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Sales Skills

Course aim

This sales course will develop the participants' skills, behaviour and confidence to sell over the telephone and face-to-face. Additionally, the programme seeks to give participants a fundamental understanding of sales principles and the fundamental selling techniques needed to turn leads into sales.

Learning outcomes:

Understand basic rules for sales poeple

Follow a customer-focused sales process to guide their sales conversations and match the buying cycle.

Identify needs and opportunities through effective questioning and listening.

Introduce services and products using features and benefits.

Gain commitment from customers when closing the customer conversation.


What you will learn from this course

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Save £21
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