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GET LICENSED has an excellent reputation for finding the right training in the UK, but unlike any other training providers, we take the training service one step further by helping you to find security jobs.

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Below you'll find some useful information on how to go about securing an exciting security job and there's also a current listing on what you can expect to be paid either per hour or per day.

Useful tips for finding Security Jobs and starting your new career

Four interesting facts about SIA Security Jobs you might not already know...


Did you know that the private security industry in the UK is three times the size of the police force and has thousands of job vacancies? During the recession the security job market and GET LICENSED has helped thousands of people earn a second income or secure fulltime employment to applicants with the right qualifications.


Only 2 in 10 applicants for security jobs are interviewed. Between 2005 and 2010 we interviewed over 100 security job recuriters and learned that due to a lack of relevant skills 80% of job applicants with insufficient qualifications were not invited to attend interviews. We were pleased to find that these rejected applications didn't include GET LICENSED candidates.


Applicants who qualified with GET LICENSED are three times as likely to get work from UK employers. Qualified GET LICENSED trainees have a proven track record of being twice as likely to find a security job in airports, retail, corporate offices, pubs or licensed premises, events, London Olympics and other locations including hospitals and banks.


You need to know exactly what qualifications a recruiter looks for to ensure your interview success. GET LICENSED can find you the right training fully approved training providers who guarantees your CV is at the top of the must-see pile. All our training providers combined training programs are designed to provide candidates with the best qualifications in the marketplace our 99% pass rate and reputation are unsurpassed.

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With the right qualifications here are the benefits

Job Title Qualification Benefits
Retail Security Guard Security Guard or Door Supervisor £6.50 per hour
Door Supervisor Door Supervisor and First Aid £7.80 per hour
Security Supervisor Security Guarding First Aid and CCTV £9.50 per hour
Head Door Supervisor Door Supervisor Head Door Supervisor CCTV, First Aid Physical Intervention Handcuff Training £15.00 per hour
Close Protection Operative Close Protection Evasive Driving Firearms £150 per hour
Security Instructor Teachers Training Conflict Management Physical Intervention First Aid Instructor £150 per hour
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Security Jobs Skills and Requirements:

People who seek security jobs should be reliable, honest and strong. You should have no past criminal records. You must have the following characteristics when applying for security jobs:

  • Physical Fitness
  • Trustworthy
  • Positive and proactive
  • Good communication skills
  • Knowledge of computer
  • Ability to work in stressful environments
  • Easily adaptable to changes and situations
  • Assertive and confident Positive and proactive

Security jobs opportunities

The SIA security industry offers employment opportunities all over the UK. There are security jobs in a wide variety of roles, such as guarding positions like door supervision, security guarding, CCTV, Close protection. You’ll need to get licensed with the SIA before applying for these security jobs.

1. Door Supervisor jobs

Door supervisor security jobs are available all over the UK. You can work anywhere with a SIA licence, especially pubs and nightclubs, but also restaurants, hotels and other venues.

You’ll need to be physically fit, have excellent people skills, remain calm in a crisis and be self-confident without being arrogant to work in this job.

Door Supervisor job can earn anything from around £7 to £13 an hour, you can earn more if you work as in leader roles, such as Head Door Supervisor.

There’s the largest concentration of these security jobs in London. Because of the vast number of entertainment premises, pubs, clubs and concert venues, its not hard to see why there’s so much work in London. Of course the cost of living is more in London than elsewhere in the UK, but door supervisor wages reflect this, and you’re likely to find some of the best paid roles in the industry in the capital.

2. Security guard jobs

Security guards, also known as security officers, can work at offices, warehouses and factories, educational establishments, airports and anywhere that needs keeping safe, so you’ll find a great variety of opportunities for these security jobs.

The most important qualifications of a security guard are responsible and dependable. You’ll be working with people so good communication skills and the ability to stay calm in an emergency will help in these security jobs.

Security guards can earn £7 per hour. Once you’ve gained experience you could earn around £20,000 a year, and security supervisors have even higher earnings potential.

Unlike some other security jobs, you don’t need academic qualifications but to work as a security guard you will need an SIA licence. Get Lisenced, with experts in SIA training, will provide you the best training courses to get your SIA license.

3. CCTV security jobs

This kind of security jobs will let you work in premises or large locations as schools, universities, big shops or shopping malls, factories and commercial premises, airports, train stations, town centres and car parks, hospitals, hotels and housing complexes. A CCTV operator’s duties are to look out for unusual behaviors to help protect staff and members of the public and guard against theft, vandalism or other illegal activities.

Moreover, many big security operators that provide flexible security solutions for other organisations are often searching for skilled CCTV operators for contract work, for example on big, temporary events. So if you’re flexible and don’t mind working in different places, you’ll find plenty of CCTV opportunities.

4. Close protection security jobs

Close protection jobs involve looking after the safety of individuals, including anything from searching venues, vetting visitors and researching safe transport routes.

These security jobs are particularly suited to ex-military and police. In an increasingly unstable world, there are more close protection vacancies showing the need for for expert, personal security support. The job requirements are very strict, you must be highly responsible, patient, observant and dedicated, but it is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding security jobs.

Security Job Vacancies

Door Supervisor Security Job - East London £8.75 per hour (Full Time/Perm) Ref: Retail/1EL/J

Door Supervisor Security Job - Central London £7.50 per hour (Full Time/Perm) Ref: JL1/1CL/J

Door Supervisor Security Job - Central London £11.00 per hour (Part Time/Perm) Ref: Retail/1CL/P

Door Supervisor Security Job - Central London £9.00 per hour (Full Time/Perm) Ref: NClub/2CL/P

Security Guarding Security Job - Brimingham (Solihull) £8.75 per hour (Full Time/Perm) Ref: Retail/1MK/J

Security Guarding Security Job - Birmingham (Walsall) £8.75 per hour (Full Time/Perm) Ref: Retail/1MA/J

Security Guarding Security Job - Manchester (Bolton) £8.75 per hour (Full Time/Perm) Ref: Retail/1CH/J

Door Supervisor Security Job - Manchester City £8.50 per hour (Full Time/Perm) Ref: Retail/2CH/J

Door Supervisor Security Job - Bristol £7.50 per hour (Full Time/Perm) Ref: Retail/1NL/J

Security Guarding Security Job - Bradford £6.90 per hour (Full Time/Perm) Ref: CarPark/1YK/J

Door Supervisor Security Job - Leeds £8.50 per hour (Full Time/Perm) Ref: Primark/1YK/J

Door Supervisor Security Job - Leeds £8.50 per hour (Full Time/Perm) Ref: Primark/2YK/J

CCTV Operator Security Job - Greater London £11 per hour (Full Time/Perm/Night) Ref: TTL/1GL/J

Updated: Tue May 07 2013 17:25:11 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Security Job Case Study

SIA Training | the best thing I ever did - M Williams Birmingham.

Like lots of people I was made redundant recently, it was a real shock, especially because it was so unexpected. I thought I was in a secure job for life. I averaged about thirty job applications a day, but despite the fact I have got excellent references and good computer skills, job hunting just became really depressing.

My Job Centre Plus Advisor told me about SIA Training leading to Security Jobs. I did a bit of research and found Get Licensed. I had no idea the security training options were so in-depth. I admit, I thought you just put on a uniform with a security badge and that was it.

What surprised me most was the number of security job vacancies available and the salaries are really attractive too, more than I would have earned in my previous job in fact. Because I would have spent most of my working life in front of a computer screen, the CCTV operative course looked like the best option for me.

I managed to find an SIA training centre that was really convenient for me to get to and within a couple of weeks I was being trained. Get Licensed were brilliant, they even helped me make sure I filled out the application form for my SIA Licence correctly.

The course was split up into three modules. All the elements are set out clearly, and you were made aware of what the expected outcomes are right from the start of each section. You learn all kinds of things I would have no idea had anything to do with the job.

We started off with Procedures and Guidelines. This part was really interesting because there are legal requirements involved with the job. After we had got to grips with the Codes of Practice we moved on to using the equipment, it was a lot more interesting than the spreadsheets I had been used to pouring over all day.

One of the main aspects of a CCTV operators job, apart from being alert and having a good attention span, is communication. It is not as isolated as you might think, and you need to be able to make valued judgements if the other members of your security team need to be alerted. I had been a fire officer and first aider in my previous job, so taking in all the emergency procedures and health and safety aspects of the course was easy, in fact I was able to contribute to the class.

It had been a while since I sat an exam, so I was a bit nervous, but that just added to my determination to pass. There were two multiple choice exams and a practical, then within two weeks I got the news I had passed! I was over the moon. As soon as I got my results I could apply for my SIA Licence and then start looking for a new security jobs.

Unlike before, when I had just been made redundant, I was able to narrow down my job searches to a particular industry sector. You have to start somewhere, so I signed up with an agency. I soon got my first assignment, covering for an operator who was on maternity leave.

Adjusting to the shifts with with my new security job was a bit strange at first but you soon get accustomed to it. To be honest it feels like you have more time on your hands, especially when you get days off when everyone else is hard at work.

I have got a full time job now, working with a great team of people, and I really look forward to going to work. What I do for a living these days feels really worthwhile. SIA training was the best thing I ever did.

Security Jobs News

Narrow your security jobs search.

Fact - when people are searching for jobs, in this case security jobs, they are more likely to turn to the internet than take professional one-to-one advice. A quick internet search of 'security jobs UK' churns up 162,000,000 options which, if filled, would easily clear the 2.5million currently unemployed in the UK with plenty of vacancies left over for the whole of Europe and a few to spare further field. It seemed a good idea at this point to contact David Cameron and let him know about this extraordinary end to all his unemployment worries, which he might not be aware of, except there are 53,300,000 options to, contact the Prime Minister'.

Whist the figures above are grossly exaggerated, many of the claims from even the more reputable employment agencies are equally embellished and on the whole ill-informed - simply uploading your CV, despite how pristine and interesting it may be, will not guarantee an interview, and certainly not a job without one vital ingredient and that is your SIA Licence. You can't work in the security industry without one, it's illegal and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. It's like trying to make an omelette without eggs.

In order to receive your SIA Licence you kick-start the process with expert training. There is a whole raft of training options available such as: Door Supervision, Security Guarding or CCTV Operator, and you need to prove that you have passed at least one of the training options to get your licence in order to work in one of the above professions. Why do I need to train to open and close a door or unhook a piece of rope you're asking? Well there's more to being a door supervisor or security guard than you might think.

Since the Private Security Industry Act of 2001 was introduced training has moved on leaps and bounds. Door Supervisors, as an example, now need to be aware of a lot of legal aspects that govern how they go about their jobs which include; drug legislation, conflict management strategies, crime scene preservation, physical intervention techniques as well as Health and Safety Regulations plus how to effectively manage an emergency.

On average the training takes around four days of intensive 'scenario based sessions' and a final examination. Note, 'scenario based sessions'. The right training provider will ensure you are trained in factual or actual situations by experts hand-picked from the security industry; it's not about watching endless PowerPoint slides that pose hypothetical questions to answer. And in the case of CCTV instruction you will be trained on actual equipment.

When you study the course detail it might seem like a BIG ask to take in all that information over four days. Remember, you will be under the guidance of experts and the courses are intentionally designed on a total absorption agenda to focus on the facts, but they are as enjoyable as they are informative.

Once you've passed the course and you have your results you can apply for your all important SIA Licence, and there's nothing to stop you searching for jobs at this stage either pending your licence issue. Be sure you get help with your licence application, it's not rocket science, but your submission can be rejected based on the wrong content - find a training provider who'll help you every step of the way and after a maximum of six weeks you'll have your SIA Licence.

Back to your security jobs search and the qualifications section of your CV. What do you suppose will make the difference now? Imagine two piles of CVs on the HR Managers desk, the yes pile and the no pile minus these few letters; SIA Licence. The reject pile is more than likely to be heading straight for the recycling bin or the shredder. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what your chances of an interview are here.

All jokes aside there are in fact thousands of security job vacancies in the UK right now, but they are only earmarked for the right candidates. The security industry is the biggest employment sector in the country and there are few jobs around that offer so much scope for manoeuvre, as well as excellent financial rewards; all it takes is the right training, determination and your licence. After training you can narrow your security jobs search, you're a qualified professional! We're not suggesting you'll get 162,000,000 replies, but the guarantee of a great job is just a few weeks away.