What we believe in

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Our family

At the heart of every great business you'll find a team of great people.

At Get Licensed our staff are dedicated to growing our business through the delivery of ourstanding customer service. We want our people to thrive at Get Licensed and are committed to their professional and personal development and to simply ensuring that Get Licensed is a great place to work. We are an equal opportunity employer. We value our diverse workforce and recognise the unique contribution of all our employees.

How we think

We think differently to the competition.

Our business is built on serving the needs of our customers - before during and after training. To help us keep on track we follow these 4 simple rules:-

- Love the customer - Build open and honest relationships - Create a positive team spirit - Love the customer (in case you forgot!)

Our courses

At Get Licensed you can do much more than just book a training course.

Whether it's information about which course to choose, how to apply for your SIA Licence or advice on how to prepare for your exams - we've got you covered. You can even use our free CV builder to build the perfect CV and keep up to date with the latest industry happenings in our News and Articles section.