GET LICENSED Training Guarantee

Search and book courses with with confidence with our Training Guarantee. Crafted to keep you safe and in control of your booking.

What is the Get Licensed training guarantee?

We know that buying online can sometimes be a scary experience. How do you know who you are buying from and how can you tell that you will really get what you want. This is especially true with courses as you can’t see what you are buying.

Buying a course with Get Licensed is different! We are in the unique position as a booking platform not a training provider this means that we are on your side. We put you in control of your course search and a course booked with Get Licensed means you are covered by our Training Guarantee.

We are seriously proud of our Training Guarantee - here’s what it includes-

Approved training providers

We extensively check our Training Providers listing courses on Get Licensed. Only once they have passed our vigorous tests can you search and book their courses. This means that you know:

  • They have excellent training quality.
  • The facilities are well equipped and a high standard.
  • They have been approved as a verified Training Provider.

Payment protection

When you book a course through Get Licensed your money is held safely in a holding account which means that you will never pay for training that doesn’t take place. The money is only released once your have successfully attended you training which really means that you can buy in confidence. Coupled with our secure checkout you know that your money is in safe hands!:

Training guarantee

Our famous training guarantee is exactly what it sounds like - you will receive the training you paid for!

We safeguard your money until the end of your course so for any reason if the Training Provider cancels the course you can be easily refunded or we will arrange for you to be re-trained free of charge.

Buying with confidence

These protections mean that you can really buy with confidence and knowing that you will receive the training you paid for.

We’ve got you covered - now let’s get you licensed!

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