Get Licensed’s Training Guarantee

We’ll protect you from malpractice, course cancellations and non-compliant training. Get a full refund if you don’t like the course you’ve booked. We also guarantee that our prices are the lowest online. See below for full details


What’s included

Malpractice protection

Get a full refund or a new course booking if the course you were on didn’t meet the legal training requirements.

Best price promise

We offer price match if you find the same course cheaper elsewhere online.

Payment protection

Your course fee is safely protected in escrow till the training takes place - we’ll refund you in full if your course is cancelled or voided.

Don't like the course? Get a full refund

Get a full refund if you don't like the course you've booked. Terms and exclusions apply.

Instant eLearning access

Get FREE access to eLearning course materials instantly after you book

Money Wise Warranty

Get a full refund if you don’t like the course. Terms apply.

£0 booking fee

We never charge any booking or hidden fees

Top-rated training

Over 90% of our customers pass the exam in the first attempt.

What is Get Licensed?

Get Licensed is a training and jobs marketplace.

We help people book training courses with approved providers and help them find work.

Our tools and technology help instructors get bookings and deliver compliant courses, and employers efficiently screen and hire licensed workers.

Since our inception, we have helped over 300,000 people launch their careers and are consistently rated five stars on Trustpilot.

Together we make the security industry safer.

What if my course wasn’t compliant or met the legal standards?

We only work with training partners who meet the legal qualifications requirement to deliver training. If you think the course you attended was not compliant or met the legal standards, report this to us.

What will we do after you submit a report

  • The report will be investigated by our compliance department
  • We will talk to other attendees on the course to substantiate your claims
  • We will gather any evidence that support your claims
  • If we find any evidence of malpractice or non-compliance: the training partner will be suspended from our platform and the regulator will be informed of our findings
  • We will get back to you listing the actions we’ve taken and may offer you a full refund or a new course
Report a course

If you booked your course with us and believe it wasn’t compliant or met the legal standards, please report it to us now.

Not sure about the legal training requirements? Read the guidance here from the regulator (SIA)

What if I find a course cheaper elsewhere?

We work hard to ensure our prices are the lowest you’ll find online for the same course. If you find the same course advertised by us cheaper elsewhere, talk to a member of our team now and we’ll offer you price match.

*Price match is only offered when the exact same course is available elsewhere at a lower price.

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Can I really get a full refund if I don’t like the course?

Yes, you can a full refund if you do not like the course. You can read the small print here:

  • You must attend the course on time. If you are late to the course you will not qualify.
  • You must not attempt any assessments or exams.
  • If you were asked to leave the course due to ID documents, failure to complete prior assessments (eLearning) or English assessments, you will not qualify for the refund.
  • You will not qualify for the refund if you were asked to leave the course by the trainer for causing disruption or nuisance.
  • You must inform us within 24 hours of leaving the course that you wish to exercise the Get Licensed Money back guarantee.
  • You cannot exercise the Money back guarantee if the reasons for leaving the course are anything beyond your dislike for the course.
  • Please note that all Close Protection and E-Learning courses are excluded from this Training Guarantee. Close Protection and E-Learning customers cannot obtain a refund if they don't like the course.

I booked a CCTV course with Get Licensed a few weeks ago. When I went on the course I didn’t like the course content. It didn’t feel like a career I wanted to pursue. I left the course after lunch break thinking I’ve lost my money. I was very pleased when they offered me a full refund when I told them I didn’t enjoy the course. If anyone is looking for a security course, contact Get Licensed. 5 stars to the helpful staff.

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